The Prophetic Books of William Blake: Jerusalem

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A.H. Bullen, 1904 - Christian poetry, English - 127 pages
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Page 39 - What may Man be? who can tell! but what may Woman be? To have power over Man from Cradle to corruptible Grave. There is a Throne in every Man, it is the Throne of God This Woman has claimd as her own & Man is no more!
Page 119 - In new Expanses, creating exemplars of Memory and of Intellect Creating Space, Creating Time according to the wonders Divine Of Human Imagination, throughout all the Three Regions immense Of Childhood, Manhood & Old Age &. the all tremendous unfathomable Non Ens...
Page xxii - Every word and every letter is studied and put into its fit place; the terrific numbers are reserved for the terrific parts, the mild & gentle for the mild & gentle parts, and the prosaic for inferior parts; all are necessary to each other.
Page 28 - Your Ancestors derived their origin from Abraham, Heber, Shem and Noah, who were Druids, as the Druid Temples (which are the Patriarchal Pillars & Oak Groves) over the whole Earth witness to this day. You have a tradition, that Man anciently contain'd in his mighty limbs all things in Heaven & Earth: this you recieved from the Druids. "But now the Starry Heavens are fled from the mighty limbs of Albion.
Page 17 - Negations are not Contraries: Contraries mutually Exist: But Negations Exist Not: Exceptions & Objections & Unbeliefs Exist not: nor shall they ever be Organized for ever & ever...
Page 90 - The Spectre is the Reasoning Power in Man, & when separated From Imagination and closing itself as in steel in a Ratio Of the Things of Memory, It thence frames Laws & Moralities To destroy Imagination, the Divine Body, by Martyrdoms & Wars.
Page xxi - Rhyming, to be a necessary and indispensible part of Verse. But I soon found that in the mouth of a true Orator such monotony was not only awkward, but as much a bondage as rhyme itself.
Page 92 - What is Immortality but the things relating to the Spirit, which Lives Eternally? What is the Joy of Heaven but Improvement in the things of the Spirit? What are the Pains of Hell but Ignorance, Bodily Lust, Idleness...
Page 120 - All Human Forms identified even Tree Metal Earth & Stone, all Human Forms identified, living going forth & returning wearied Into the Planetary lives of Years Months Days & Hours reposing And then Awaking into his Bosom in the Life of Immortality. And I heard the Name of their Emanations they are named Jerusalem...
Page 84 - From the Inner Sanctuary, a False Holiness hid within the Center. For the Sanctuary of Eden is in the Camp, in the Outline, In the Circumference, & every Minute Particular is Holy : Embraces are Cominglings from the Head even to the Feet, And not a pompous High Priest entering by a Secret Place.

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