The Engineering Index, Volume 3

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John Butler Johnson, Henry Harrison Suplee, Johannes H. Cuntz, Charles Buxton Going
Engineering Magazine, 1901 - Engineering
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Page 107 - Determining of the Safe Working Stress for Railway Bridges of Wrought Iron and Steel,
Page 162 - The occurrence, origin and chemical composition of chromite, with especial reference to the North Carolina deposits.
Page 302 - ... resistances, self and mutual inductances, and capacities. I propose to treat of the measurement of alternating currents, electromotive force, and watts in a separate paper. Resistances are ordinarily best dealt with by continuous currents, except liquid resistances. I propose to treat in this paper, however, mainly of inductances, self and mutual, and of capacities together with their ratios and values in absolute measure as obtained by alternating currents. I also give a few methods of resistance...
Page 215 - A Study of the Elimination of Impurities from Copper Mattes in the Reverberatory and the Converter.
Page 306 - Illustration, its operation depending on the principle that when an electric current is sent through n wire lying perpendicularly across a magnetic field, a force is developed which urges the wire at right angles to both the direction of the field and the current.
Page 87 - Notes on the Effects of Waves on Breakwaters in Different Depths of Water.
Page 47 - Softening Agents for the Production of Asphalt Cement for Paving and other Purposes.
Page 219 - March 3, 1899. Shop and General Establishment Charges in Engineering Works and Their Relation to Costs and Estimates.
Page 174 - Coal Trade of the United States and the World's Coal Supply and Trade.
Page 295 - These are the regulations and conditions for securing the safety of the public and for ensuring a proper and sufficient supply of electrical energy...

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