The Beginner's Latin Book

Front Cover
American Book Company, 1898 - Latin language - 282 pages

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Page 56 - COURSE 1, unus, -a, -um 2, duo, -ae, -o 3, tres, tria 4, quattuor 5, quinque 6, sex 7, septem 8, octo 9, novem 10, decem 11, undecim 12, duodecim 13, tredecim 14, quattuordecim 15, quindecim 1 6, sedecim 17, septendecim 1 8, duodeviginti 19, undeviginti 20, viginti 22, viginti duo, etc.
Page 11 - The last syllable of a word is called the ultima ; the next to the last, the penult; the one before the penult, the antepenult.
Page 12 - Words of more than two syllables are accented on the penult if it is long, otherwise on the antepenult; as dlvT sa, appel' 16, in
Page 59 - F. N. qui cuius cul quern quo quae cuius cul quam qua quod cuius cul quod quo qui quorum quibus quos quibus quae quarum quibus quas quibus quae quorum quibus quae quibus antecedent (= the word in the governing clause to which it relates) ( 367-69). 65. Translation. The relative pronoun can be translated 'who', 'whom', 'whose', 'which', or 'that'.
Page 242 - Duration of Time and Extent of Space are expressed by the Accusative ( 424.
Page 121 - Many verbs compounded with ad, ante, con, in, inter, ob, post, prae, pro, sub, super, and some with circum, admit the Dative of the indirect object ( 370).
Page 148 - Place from which is regularly expressed by the ablative with a preposition.

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