MONSTER: The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member

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LÇon Bing's study of L.A. gangs, Do or Die (1991) featured on its cover an awesomely muscular African-American male, naked to the waist, wearing sunglasses and wielding an automatic weapon. That man was ``Monster'' Kody Scott, who here tells his electrifying life story: an angry, stunningly violent odyssey through gang warfare and prison to redemption. The acknowledgements page reveals Scott's ... Read full review

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I recently finished reading this book and I really enjoyed it. I recommend it to anyone that is not racist or close-minded. Anyone that has read this book and summarizes it as just another gang, shoot 'em up book clearly missed the true message of Sanyika. He only uses his experiences to shed light on the effects of growing/living in an environment that is neglected by its own government. He explains, along with many more issues, how the prison industry actually contributes to more volatile criminals after their release; recidivism. All in all, its a great read of an oppressed individual that takes the initiative to re-evaluate his life and repurpose his efforts.  

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Very good book. If somebody is interested in hip hop culture he/she should read this book. Or if you think life's unfair and others disrespect you or you're interested about a gang life. Read it.

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Greatest book ever.I don't care what your race,color,creed,or will like this book...and it was a new York best seller

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First time reading this book it was a required reading for a english class in high school and I have read it numerous times sense. Recommend it to everyone

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