Notations, Issue 1

Front Cover
Something Else Press, 1969 - Music - 300 pages
"This book illustrates a collection of music manuscripts which was made in recent years to benefit the Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts... The text for the book is the result of a process employing I-Ching chance operations. These determined how many words regarding his work were to be written by or about which of two hundred and sixty-nine composers. Where these passages (never more than sixty-four words, sometimes only one) have been especially written for this book, they are preceded by a paragraph sign and followed by the author's name. Other remarks were chosen or written by the editors--John Cage and Alison Knowles. Not only the number of words and the author, but the typography too--letter size, intensity, and typeface--were all determined by chance operations. This process was followed in order to lessen the difference between text and illustrations." --preface.

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