The antisocial conspiracy

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author, 1798 - Jacobins
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Page 44 - Tate is to advance rapidly in the dark, on that side of Bristol which may be to windward, and immediately to set fire to that quarter. If the enterprize be conducted with dexterity, it cannot fail to produce the total ruin of the town, the port, the docks, and the vessels, and to strike terror and amazement into the very heart of the capital of England.
Page 33 - ... had correfponded with London: " It is certainly (they fay) *' the beft way of managing large bodies, as in great and ** populous towns ; viz. dividing them into fmall bodies " or meetings of ten perfons each, and thofe ten to ap
Page 27 - Irishmen,- — Your country is free, and you are about to be avenged. That vile Government which has so long and so cruelly oppressed you, is no more. Some of its most atrocious monsters have already paid the forfeit of their lives, and the rest are in our hands.
Page 277 - And afterwards, Here at least We shall be free, th' Almighty hath not built Here for his envy; will not drive us hence; Here we may reign secure; and in my choice To reign is worth ambition, tho' in hell: Better to reign in hell than serve in heav'n.
Page 423 - I went every where, and heard nothing else ; in the latter, I have been extremely visited, and have had long and explicit conversations with many, who think as I tell you, and with a few of the other side, who are no less persuaded that there are such intentions.
Page 34 - England whole towns are re" formers; Sheffield a-nd its environs have 50,000. — " In Norwich there are 30 focieties in one. — If we could " get a convention of England and Scotland called, we " might reprefent fix or [even hundred thoufand males, " which is a majority of all the adults in the kingdom; " and miniftry would not dare to refufe us our rights.
Page 43 - Joy; they will soon finish the glorious Campaign ! Tyranny will vanish from the Face of the Earth, and crowned with Laurel the invincible Army of France will return to its native Country, there long to enjoy the well-earned Praise of a grateful World, whose Freedom they have purchased with their Blood.
Page 207 - And he faid unto them, Unto you it is given to know the myftery of the kingdom of God : but unto them that are without...
Page 45 - The commerce of the enemy in the country is to be interrupted by breaking down bridges, cutting of dykes, and ruining causeways, which is, at the same time, essentially necessary for the preservation of the army ; by plundering all convoys of subsistence, the public stages and waggons, and even private carriages ; the cutting off the supplies of provisions from the principal towns, burning all...
Page 187 - The secret schools of philosophy, which have been in all ages the archives of nature and of the rights of man, shall one day retrieve the fall of human nature : and princes and nations shall disappear from the face of the earth.

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