George Leatrim; or, The mother's test

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Page 8 - FORASMUCH as it hath pleased Almighty God of his great mercy to take unto himself the soul of our dear brother here departed, we therefore commit his body to the ground ; earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust...
Page 70 - Young Calvin in Paris; or, The Scholar and the Cripple. 19. A Year Abroad. 20. Bible Jewels. 21. Anna Lee : The Maiden, Wife, and Mother. 22. The Christian Warrior. 23. Bible Pearls. 24. The Crown of Virtue. 25. Bible Wonders. 26. Jessie Grey. 27. The Old and New Home. 28. The German Drummer Boy. 29. Alice Herbert, and Emily's Choice. 30. Sowing the Good Seed. 31. Master Peter's Wanderings in Search of Knowledge. 32. The Besieged City, and the Heroes of Sweden. 33. Joseph Pilmor, the Quaker Soldier....
Page 74 - 6. The Young Comforters. THE SPRINGDALE SERIES. Just Published. 7. The Boys of Springdale. 8. George Leatrim ; or, The Mother's Test 9. The Little Ballet Girl. 10. Catharine's Peril. 11. The Village Flower Show. 12. Little Nellie ; or, He careth for You. "Prettier little books, with prettier little stories, for young children, need not be desired.
Page 71 - Home. 25. The Wonderful Pocket. 26. The Magic Shoes. 27. The Magic Spectacles. In Foolscap. 28. Aunt Mabel's Prayer. 29. The Exiles of France. 30. Martin the Weaver ; or, The Power of Gold. 31. Mrs Gibbon's Parlour-Maid. 32. Doctor Dunbar, and Elsie's Trial. By MG Hogg. 33. Ivan Papof. A Tale founded on Facts. By the Author of " Lucy Smith/
Page 73 - SERIES. 1. The Pearl of Forgiveness. 2. The Pearl of Contentment. 3. The Pearl of Peace. 4. The Pearl of Meekness. 5. The Pearl of Faith. 6. The Pearl of Diligence. 7. Little Henry and his Bearer. 8. The Little Forester. 9. The Little Woodman. 10. Waste not, Want not 11.
Page 69 - Old Testament Anecdotes. 12. •Witnessing for Jesus in the Homes of the Poor. 13. Duncan's (Mrs Mary Lundie) Memoir. 14. A Book for Governesses. By one of them. 15. Scott (Sir Walter), Life of. Cheap Edition. 16. Life of Dr John Kitto. By Dr Eadie. 17. Laurence Gillmore: the Peasant and the Pastor. 18. Lucy Raymond; or, The Children's Watchword. 19. Mary Mathieson; or, Duties and Difficulties.
Page 71 - One Shilling and Sixpence Each. With Illustrations and Handsome Illuminated Side. 1. Annot and her Pupil. 2. The Cousins Reconciled ; or, Prejudice Overcome. 3. Tales of my Sunday Scholars. By Mrs Scott. 4. Little Alfred; or, The Influence of Home Training. 5. The Lycee Boys : A Tale of School Life in France. By R. Hope Moncrieff. 6. Eaton Parsonage. 7. The Race for Gold; or, The City Merchant and his Country Brother.
Page 74 - Christmas Dream. 2. Sketches of my Childhood. 3. Little Fan ; or, The London Match Girl. 4. The Young Exile. 5. Sam Silva. By the Author of "Biddy, the Maid of all Work.
Page 70 - Ross. i6mo. 2. The Beauty and her Plain Sister. 3. Bygone Days in our Village. 4. The Decision ; or, Religion must be All or is Nothing. 5. Duncan's Cottage Fireside. 6. The Family at Heatherdale. 7. Last Days of the Martyrs. 8. Margaret of Navarre. 9. Philip Colville : A Covenanter's Story. 10. Pierre and his Family. 11. Principles and Practice. 12. Profession is not Principle. 13. Steps in the Dark. By Mrs Henderson. 14. Stories by the Author of
Page 67 - For half a century, we suppose, if not more, Messrs Oliphant have, in addition to other and larger works, continued from time to time to issue some of the very healthiest and most attractive juvenile literature in the language.

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