The Pricke of Conscience (Stimulus Conscientiae): A Northumbrian Poem

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A. Asher, 1863 - Didactic poetry, English (Middle) - 327 pages
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Page xxxi - Qwen his broues hildes doune ; the right eigh mare than the lefte ye ; neyse ende waxes sharp ; his eres waxes calde ; his eighen waxes holle ; the chyn falles ; his eighen and his mouth es opon when he...
Page xxx - Adam. And if the child a woman be, When it is born it says, Eh!
Page 65 - ... 2356 Here may men se and undirstande How foul es syn and how fylande. Bot men sese noght ne knawes what it es, parfor men dredes it wele pe les. 2360 Bot if a synful myght se with-oute How foul pe syn es, pat he bers oboute, He suld never make ioy ne haf lykyng, Until he war delyverd of pat foul thyng. 2364 Sen1 pe devel pus has tane his uglines sin ¡, Oie Caule Of pe filth of syn, pat swa filand es.
Page 264 - signifies properly the white cloth, which is set by the Minister of Baptism upon the head of a child newly anointed with Chrism after his Baptism : now it is vulgarly taken for the white cloth put about or upon a Child newly Christened, in token of his Baptism ; wherewith the women use to shroud the child, if dying within the month; otherwise it is usually brought to Church at the day of Purification. Chrisoms in the Bills of Mortality are such children as die within the month of birth, because during...
Page 4 - And what man es worthi par-for to fele, How mercyful and gracyouse God es, And how ful he es of gudenes; How rightwes God es and how sothefast...
Page 89 - On pis part I wille na langer stand, Bot passe to another neghest folowand. 3272: Here haf I talde yhow aparty, Of sum payns of purgatory. Now I wille shew, als pe boke telles, Whilk sauls in purgatory duelles. 3350 : Here haf I schewed swilk saules sal be In purgatory, als clerkes can se. Now wille I som syns here specify, For whilk pai duelle in purgatory. 3962 : Of al bis haf I spoken til be ende, And now wille I til be fifte part wende.
Page xxxii - THOU ! whatever title suit thee, Auld Hornie, Satan, Nick, or Clootie, Wha in yon cavern grim and sootie, Closed under hatches, Spairges about the brunstane cootie, To scaud poor wretches ! Hear me, Auld Hangie, for a wee, An' let poor damned bodies be ; I'm sure sma...
Page 96 - Or any other tribulacion, tientiy endured. 3524 Thole he it mekely and thynk in thoght pat with-outen cause commes it noght. Bot God wate wele pe cause why, Parchaunce it es for his foly, 3528 To chasty hym on swilk manere, For his syns pat he dyd here, Or it may be hym here to pruve, Or to make hym mar drede God and lufe. 3532 parfor sen God ofte vouches save pat a man here swilk angers have, Outher for his syn or hym to fande; Love he him pan of alle his sande, 3536 And take mekely pat God him...
Page 203 - In pa payns of helle salle never com, Bot tylle pe blys of heven mon pai wende, And have pare pair lykyng with-outen ende. 7520 Here have I spoken of pe payns of helle, Als yhe have herd me openly telle, And of pe sext part of pis boke made ende. Now wille I tylle pe sevend part wende, 7524 pat es pe last part of alle; pe whilk spekes als I shew yhow salle, Specialy of pe ioyes in heven, pat er mare pan any tong may neven. 7528 Bot...
Page 273 - Cyclops, or into the lappe of some wanton and dalying Dame Calypso : and so suffer the danger of many a deadlie Denne, not so full of perils, to distroy the body, as, full of vayne pleasures, to poyson the mynde. Some Siren shall sing him a song, sweete in tune, but sownding in the ende, to his vtter destruction.

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