Record Series (Yorkshire Archaeological Society)

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Yorkshire Archaeological Society, 1901 - Yorkshire (England)

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Page vii - Aquitaine, to archbishops, bishops, abbots, priors, earls, barons, justices, sheriffs, reeves, ministers and all his bailiffs and faithful, greeting. Know ye that we have granted and by this our charter confirmed to our beloved...
Page xi - Here is my warranty. My ancestors, who came with William the Bastard, conquered their lands with the sword, and with the sword will I defend them against all who desire to seize them. For the king did not conquer his lands by himself, but our ancestors were his partners and helpers
Page xv - ... claimed gallows at Coningsburgh and Wakefield, and the power of doing what belonged to a gallows in all his lands and fees, and that he and his ancestors had used the same from time immemorial ; to which it was answered, on the part of the king, that the aforesaid liberties belonged merely to the crown, and that no long seisin or prescription of time ought to prejudice the king, and that the earl had no special warrant for the said liberties, therefore judgment was desired, if the seisin could...
Page 212 - Robert ought not to be heir, because he was born before marriage solemnized at the church porch, but after the plighting of troth privately between them. Robert, the elder brother, says it is the custom on the lord's land in these parts for the elder brother, born after trothplight, to be heir, and he therefore prays to be admitted as heir.
Page xi - Look at this my lords, this is my warrant! For my ancestors came with William the Bastard and conquered their lands with the sword, and by the sword I will defend them from anyone intending to seize them.
Page xv - Placita de Ragemannis" which are occasionally found on the Eyre Rolls are the pleas taken under the Statute 4 Edward I. called the Statute of Rageman, which directed that Justices should go throughout the land to hear and determine all complaints and suits for trespasses committed within the 25 years then last past as well by the King's Bailiffs and Officers as by others. A Roll entitled " Veredicta de Ministris," containing such pleas in the 4th year of Edward the First, is placed with the Hundred...
Page 173 - The Vicar levied a new custom on the whole parish ; for whereas they were accustomed to give one calf as a tithe on seven calves, he now makes the whole parish give [one] of six, and they may nowise count till they come to ten, as they used to do...
Page xiv - January, in the 37th year of his reign, free warren in all his demesne lands which he then had, or which he should acquire ; and by that charter he claimed to have free warren in Brampton, which he had purchased.
Page 104 - Thomas took from him a bay horse (he knows not by what warrant or by whose order), also i$d. worth of cloth from his daughter, half a lump of iron, a saddle and a bit ; but he does not name the price of anything except the iron. Thomas denies it, and craves judgment because John did not name his proper...
Page 203 - The house to be returned at the end of the term in as good repair as when received ; pledge, son of German.

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