Gregg Shorthand: A Light Line Phonography for the Million

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Gregg Publishing Company, 1905 - Shorthand - 163 pages
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Page xvii - You must understand at the outset that shorthand must be written; but you must also impress upon your mind that whatever you write you must read, hence the necessity for good penmanship. As skill in executing the movements is obtained, the speed may be increased until the forms can be written accurately at a high rate of speed.
Page xv - Position writing abolished; may be written on unruled paper and in one straight line. 4. Vowels and consonants are joined and follow each other in their natural order.
Page xvi - The older systems contain many characters that must be made by movements in the direction of the radii of quadrant IV. These movements are very slow, requiring 27 per cent more time on the average than the movements of quadrant III., and 24 per cent more than those of quadrant I. " One system of shorthand, introduced into this country about 1893, contains no characters that must be made in either quadrant II. or IV., and the slope of the characters is such that they lie very near the middle of the...
Page 5 - Detwetn two straight consonants forming an angle, the circle is written on the outside of the angle.
Page 75 - Mr, may be written contrary to the usual method of joining to express r.
Page xix - ... be brought to work together harmoniously and smoothly. This cannot be accomplished by unmethodical and half-hearted efforts. If you attack the difficult problems with confidence and determination, half of their difficulty will disappear. You must put enthusiasm into your study, and learn to rely on yourself.
Page 4 - When two characters join with an angle, the circle is written on the outside of the angle. rear rer "-^ — meek...
Page 34 - A diphthong is the union in one syllable of two simple vowels uttered in rapid succession.
Page 73 - The circle or loop is written with a reverse movement to express R (a) Before or after straight lines, or between two straight lines in the same direction...
Page 118 - Owing to the dullness in trade it was not thought seasonable at that time to impose a duty on anything going to that section of the country.

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