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Elite directory Company, 1891 - Chicago (Ill.)
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Page 30 - ... inconvenience. A lady should never keep a caller waiting without sending to see whether a delay of a few minutes will inconvenience the caller. Servants should be instructed to return and announce to the person waiting, that the lady will be down immediately. Any delay whatever should be apologized for. If, on making a call, you are introduced into a room where you are unknown to those assembled, at once give your name and mention upon whom your call is made. In meeting a lady or gentleman whose...
Page 349 - Thursday at six o'clock, followed by short talks upon a topic previously announced by the Secretary. EXPENSES The only expenses incident to membership in the Sunset Club are an annual assessment of three dollars for stationery, printing, etc., and one dollar and a half for each dinner partaken of. GUESTS Members are privileged to bring guests to the meetings, provided notice is sent to the Secretary in time to prepare for their entertainment.
Page 349 - Friday of every month at eight o'clock, followed by short talks upon a topic previously announced by the Secretary. Expenses: The only expenses incident to membership in the...
Page 29 - Visits of form, of which most people complain, and yet to which most people submit, are absolutely necessary - being, in fact, the basis on which that great structure, society, mainly rests. You cannot invite people to your house, however often you may have met them elsewhere, until you have first called upon them in a formal manner, and they have returned the visit. It is a kind of safeguard against any acquaintances which are thought to be undesirable. If you do not wish to continue the friendship...
Page 31 - ... the lady he is to escort to the table. The others follow, arm in arm, the hostess being the last to leave the drawing-room. Age should take the precedence in proceeding from the drawing-room to the dining-room, the younger falling back until the elder have advanced. The host escorts the eldest lady or the greatest stranger, or if there be a bride present, precedence is given to her, unless the dinner is given for another person, in which case he escorts the latter. The hostess is escorted either...
Page 29 - Among people of the highest cultivation it is binding to show one's appreciation of a first invitation by a cordial acceptance if one desires to keep the acquaintance, and by allowing nothing that can be controlled to prevent one from going.
Page 30 - ETIQUETTE. should be returned with mourning cards, when the family begin to make their appearance in public.
Page 26 - Notes of invitation for evening parties are issued in the name of the lady of the house, as "Mrs. John Alton requests the pleasure of Mr. and Mrs. George Bell's company on Tuesday evening, May 10th, from nine to twelve o'clock.
Page 56 - Hamlin Organs and Pianos excel chiefly in that which is the chief excellence in any musical instrument, quality of tone. Other thingH, though important, are much less so than this.
Page 29 - In all cases, cards should be left at a house the day after, or at least within a week after, any entertainment to which the person leaving cards has been invited, whether she has been able to accept the invitation or not. When a lady announces...

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