50 Timeless Scientists

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Pustak Mahal, Sep 4, 2008 - Scientists - 191 pages
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Here we have scientists who missed Nobel Prize and those whom Nobel missed. - A Nobel Prize awarded to Pauling was branded as an insult! But he is the only one to receive two unshared Nobels. - Bardeen returned to Swedish king for another Nobel as if to fulfill earlier promise. - Ironically an Agricultural Scientist received a Nobel Peace Prize. Yes! What is peace without food? - An anguished Barbara Mc Clintock refused to publish her papers, but Nobel committee discovered her. - Then we have scientists who received awards in prison cells, scientists who made discoveries in the prison cells. - Tesla was thrown out of his labs, cheated by another great man but his alternating current runs our homes now. - Carlson went from pillar to post with his photocopy machine and it is now the Xerox. - Townes had a revelation for LASER on a park bench. - When Maiman made it practical, a Hollywood actress, Bette Davis wondered if it is a death Ray. - Medicines from Jenner, Pasteur and the like consigned some diseases to history. - If only Subba Rao had lived a few years more, he would have killed some more diseases. - A trio of scientists transformed the twentieth century by inventing the transistor. - To top it, a scientist who was not allowed to go on a holiday invented the microchip. - New York Times reversed its ridicule ladled out on a rocket scientist after 40 years only after man landed on the moon. - A school techer testified in the court to save his old student, Fansworth for his rightful invention, the television. - Davy openly declared his student as his greatest discovery, Michael Faraday! You have them all! Biographies that educate and entertain too!!

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