House Documents, Otherwise Publ. as Executive Documents: 13th Congress, 2d Session-49th Congress, 1st Session, Volume 13

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Page cclxx - Your commissioners cannot repeat too often that they have been impressed with the general intelligence and technical knowledge of the masters and managers of industrial establishments on the continent. They have found that these persons as a rule possess a sound knowledge of the sciences upon which their industry depends. They are familiar with every new scientific discovery of importance and appreciate its applicability to their special industry. They adopt not only the inventions and improvements...
Page c - The trustees of academies to which any distribution of money shall be made by virtue of this act, shall cause the same to be expended in educating teachers of common schools, in such manner and under such regulations as said regents shall prescribe...
Page 181 - Each class organized in any academy or union school under appointment by the commissioner of education for the instruction in the science and practice of common school teaching, shall be subject to the visitation of the school commissioner of the district in which such academy or union school is situated; and it shall be the duty of said school commissioner to advise and assist the principals of said academies or union schools in the organization and management of said classes. 794. Teachers'...
Page 109 - SECT. 3. The board shall prescribe the form of registers to be kept in the schools, and the form of the blanks and inquiries for the returns to be made by school committees...
Page xcviii - Go from the known to the unknown, from the idea to the word, from the signification to the symbol, from the example to the rule, from the simple to the complex." Formerly we reversed all these rules. Our usual plan of teaching children to read and spell is a good example of their violation. Let us, on the contrary...
Page 128 - University students for the higher positions in the public school service. 2. To promote the study of educational science. 3. To teach the history of education, and of educational systems and doctrines. 4. To secure to teaching the rights, prerogatives, and advantages of a profession. 5. To give a more perfect unity to our State educational system by bringing the secondary schools into closer relations with the University.
Page cl - See also the report of 1884 of a royal commission "to inquire into the instruction of the industrial classes of certain foreign countries in technical and other subjects, for the purpose of comparison with that of the corresponding classes in this country; and into the influence of such instruction on manufacturing and other industries at home and abroad.
Page cclxxv - The best preparation for technical study is a good modern secondary school of the types of the Manchester Grammar School, the Bedford Modern School, and the Allan Glen's Institution at Glasgow.
Page cclxxiii - Institute may be studied in this connection. Moreover, as evidencing the desire of the artisans themselves to obtain facilities for instruction both in science and art, we must not omit to mention the classes established and maintained by some of the leading cooperative societies. The Equitable Pioneers' Society of Rochdale has led the way in this, as in so many other social movements. It is much to be wished that the various trades' unions would also consider whether it is not incumbent on them...
Page 129 - In accordance with the law of the state, the University aims to complete and crown the work that is begun in the public schools, by furnishing ample facilities for liberal education in literature, science, and the arts, and for thorough professional study of engineering, medicine, law, pharmacy, and dentistry.

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