EduFables, Volume 1

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Jason R. Taylor Associates, 2007 - 115 pages
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Large Print, Includes Index and Appendices.A new approach designed to stimulate and develop a child's creative thought process. EduFables (TM) is recommended for youngsters from pre-readers through 3rd grade. These original funny fables expose young children to advanced learning concepts in mathematics and science while they smile. Following each EduFable is an appendix which assists parents, teachers, grandparents and older siblings in encouraging extended discussions of concepts with youngsters. Illustrated with 60 cartoons. Suggested educational games included.

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What a warm, wonderful, and creative book that combines learning, love, play, and laughter. One reason the human species has so excelled intellectually is that
there's a place in our mind where love and laughter, play and learning all seem to intersect. Mollie Abraham's EduFables is a book written from that lovely locale. Buy the book and visit it with a favorite child 

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"My favorite fable is, "It's Hunky Dory in the Magic Quami Forest". I liked going 2 lefts and 3 rights and all the other combinations through the forest. The story was fun to read and it was also fun to look at the pictures. There was lots of math we had to figure out, like how many gold bars each kid got. I really wanted the kids to win enough gold to go to college. I loved playing the Quami forest Game against my brother, Andy." Sabrina M. 11 yrs. old, 6th grade, Dedham, MA.
"I really liked the story about Queen Righty and King Lefty, and playing the forest game with my sister. I even brought EduFables to school. Miss Nihill, my second grade teacher at the Oakdale Elementary School, asked me to read one of the fables to the class. After I read the Hunky Dory story, the whole class clapped loudly because they liked it so much!! But my favorite story was about Willie Orbit and Yul Neverwin because it was so interesting and so surprising. Actually, I loved all the stories and the color cartoons on the cover." Andy M. 8 yrs. old, 3rd grade, Dedham, MA.
Excerpts of Comments from Mrs. Shea's 2nd Graders at the Cottage Street School in Sharon, Massachusetts, following a Reading of "A Little Hanky Panky", from EduFables:
"... You rock. I learned how to measure mouths and also about optical illusions," love, Tal
" ... You are an awesome drawer. I learned that when you wear a type of dress or shirt you can look taller or shorter [depending on the design on the piece of clothing]", love, Maya
"... I am thankful you signed our book. I never had a book signed! I learned that you can never be sure of something your eyes see," from, Roni
"... Thank you for coming. You were the best reader in history!" I learned, don't be selfish and greedy [from "Hippety Hop, Hop, Hop to the Barber Shop"], sincerely, Arie
"... I really liked the story and the joke you shared. You were the bright spot of my day," Sibel
"... I thank you for reading EduFables, Volume I. It is a fantastic and awesome book." Grant
"... Your story was grate. I learned that you can make ∞, infindy, into [the number] 1. Thanks so much for signing my book," sincerely, Ethan
"... I love the book. It rocked and you rock! You are good at righting a book. You are amazing." Alex
"... Thank you for teaching us how to measure Hanky and Panky's mouths. P.S. I like your other stories," sincerely, Masid
"... I had a great time. And my favorite story is 'Willie Orbit'. I learned that a quarter equals 25 cents and the earth is round like a quarter and 25,000 miles around," sincerely, Darren.
"... I had a lot of fun reading your book. I like how you put a lot of thought into the stories," from Anastasia
"... I learned the earth to orbit once is 25,000 miles. My favorite story is 'Willie Orbit'. The autographing is awesome. I can't believe it!" Rithika
"... I liked the end because everyone is happy. I learned that some things are not what they seem like. I really liked that you signed my book. Thank you," love, Justin
"... I loved how you were so nice to drive all the way from Lexington to read to my class. I learned how interesting optical illusions work. And I also loved how you autographed everyone's books," love, Spencer
"... I loved the book. The autographing was very kind of you," Chelsey
"5/6/2009 A lecture and reading about the "WILLIE ORBIT" fable for Ms Peterson's 3rd grade class at Harrington Elementary School, Lexington, MA." click for pic * click for pic


Its Hunky Dory in the Magic Quami Forest
Hippity Hop Hop Hop to the Barber Shop
Willie Orbit?
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