Desiderata Curiosa Hibernica: Or, A Select Collection of State Papers; Consisting of Royal Instructions, Directions, Dispatches, and Letters; to which are Added, Some Historical Tracts; the Whole Illustrating and Opening the Political Systems of the Chief Governors and Government of Ireland, During the Reigns of Queen Elizabeth, James the First, and Charles the First, Volume 1

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David Hay, 1772 - Ireland
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Page 471 - Day of April, in the fourth Year of our Reign of England, France, and Ireland, and of Scotland the nine and thirtieth.
Page 87 - ... put them all to the fword ; and this hath been by the confent and practice of the lord deputy for the time being.
Page 446 - May, in the sixteenth year of our Reign, of England, France and Ireland; and of Scotland the one and fiftieth.
Page 304 - What is it to you, whether I make many or few boroughs ; my council may consider the fitness, if I require it ; but what if I had made forty noblemen, and four hundred boroughs, the more the merrier, the fewer the better cheer.
Page 111 - I have taken upon me to nominate certain gentlemen as fitted to be employed in the above-mentioned fervices in thofe remote places, I know there will be great exceptions againft them, becaufe they are thought to be too near friends to the earl. But I will prove, that none can ever do your majefty fuch good fervice there, as they who have been always trained up in thofe parts in fervice, and are beft acquainted with the earl, and the other lords of thofe countries.
Page 110 - ... instrument against him ) to prove with his sword that he hath most wrongfully accused him. And because it is no conquest for him to overthrow a man ever held in the world to be of most cowardly behaviour, he will, in defence of his innocency, allow his adversary to come armed against him naked, to encourage him the rather to accept of his challenge.
Page 109 - ... and the council, that he might be detained for great matters of treafon, wherewith they had to charge him, which demand of theirs being refufed, it is not unlike but they would either write to your...
Page 107 - ... but he, (in my conscience) with good conference, would be reformed ; for he hath only one little cub of an English priest, by whom he is seduced, for want of his friends access unto him, who might otherwise uphold him.
Page 110 - ... please your highness) be somewhat hearkened unto, and recovered if it may be, to come in unto your majesty to impart his own griefs, which no doubt he will do, if he will like his security. And then, I am persuaded, he will simply acknowledge to your majesty how...
Page 306 - Another thing there is that grieveth the country people, which is, that in the country where there is half peace and half war, the fheriffs and the foldiers in their paflage do commit many extortions.

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