Counsel to Parents on the Moral Education of Their Children

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Brentano's liter. empor., 1880 - Children - 162 pages
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Page 108 - Physio' ogically considered, it is not a fact that the power of secreting semen is annihilated -in well-formed adults leading a healthy life and yet remaining continent.
Page 73 - This result is inevitable, if licentiousness is to be accepted as a necessary part of society. Physical passion is not in itself evil, on the contrary it is an essential part of our nature. It is an endowment which like every other human faculty, has the power of high growth. It possesses that distinctive human characteristic — receptivity to mental impressions. These impressions blend so completely with itself, as to change its whole character and effect; and it thus becomes an ennobling or a...
Page 108 - The agony of breaking off a habit which so rapidly entwines itself with every fibre of the human frame, is such that it would not be too much to say to any youth commencing a career of vice, " You are going a road on which you will never turn back.
Page 132 - Chastity does no harm to mind or body ; its discipline is excellent : marriage can be safely waited for ; and among the many nervous and hypochondriacal patients who have talked to me about fornication, I have never heard one say that he was better or happier...
Page 119 - ... physician, social intercourse, and amusements. These various points require careful consideration. The earliest duty of the parent is to watch over the infant child. Few parents are aware how very early evil habits may be formed, nor how injurious the influence of the nurse often is to the child.1 The mother's eye, full of tenderness and respect, must always watch over her children.
Page 108 - No continent man need be deterred by this apocryphal fear of atrophy of the testes from living a chaste life. It is a device of the unchaste — a lame excuse for their own incontinence, not founded on any physiological law. The testes will take care that their action is not interfered with.
Page 58 - Quetelet, showing the comparative viability of men and women at different ages; and its rapid diminution in the male, from the age of eighteen to twenty-five. He remarks :— ' The mortality is much greater in males, from about the age of eighteen to twenty-eight, being at its maximum at twenty-five, when the viability is only half what it is at puberty; this fact is a very striking one, and shows most forcibly that the indulgence of the passions not only weakens the health, but in a great number...
Page 107 - My own opinion is, that where, as in the case with a very large number, a young man's education has been properly watched, and his mind has not been debased by vile practices, it is usually a comparatively easy task to be continent, and requires no great or extraordinary effort ; and every year of voluntary chastity renders the task easier by the mere force of habit. Yet it can hardly be denied that a very considerable number, even of the more or less pure, do suffer, at least temporarily, no little...
Page 65 - If, however, this sin be regarded in its inevitable consequences, its effects upon the life of both man and woman in relation to society, the nature of this sophistry will appear in its hideous reality. Is chastity really a virtue, something precious in womanhood? — then, the poor man's home should be blessed by the presence of a pure woman. Does it improve a woman's character to be virtuous? Has she more self-respect in consequence, does she care more for her children, for their respectability...
Page 132 - Many of your patients will ask you about sexual intercourse and some will expect you to prescribe fornication. I would just as soon prescribe theft or lying or anything else that God has forbidden.

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