The Printer's Grammar: Containing a Concise History of the Origin of Printing : Also, an Examination of the Superficies, Gradation, and Properties of the Different Sizes of Types Cast by Letter Founders; Various Tables of Calculations; Models of Letter Cases; Schemes for Casting Off Copy, and Imposing ... : with Directions to Authors, Compilers, &c. how to Prepare Copy, and to Correct Their Own Proofs

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L. Wayland and sold by T. Evans, 1787 - Printing - 369 pages

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Page 219 - ... and the same for the inner margin, that reaches from the foot of the fifth page to the centre of the groove for the points ; and from the centre of that groove to the pages of the quire, or that cut off, they allow half of the breadth of the head-stick.
Page 140 - ... we say, in this case, if 3 lines of copy make 2 lines in print, then 6 lines make 4, 9 make 6, 12 make 8, and so on, counting three lines of copy to make two lines in print. In this manner we may carry our calculation to what number of pages, forms, or sheets we will, remembering always to count off as many lines of copy at once, as we have found they will make even lines in the stick.
Page 117 - I ill ; as, chap. xvi. 3 — 17. that is, from the third to the seventeenth verse. At other times, it serves for an index, to give notice, that what follows it is a corollary of what has preceded ; or otherwise matter of import and consequence.
Page 357 - ... another; and these exercises are so suddenly varied, that they seem to slide into one another's position, beginning when the former is but half performed. Having thus pulled a sheet, and laid it down, he turns his body towards the tympan again, and, as he is turning, gives the next sheet on the white paper heap a touch with the back of the nail of his right thumb, as before, to draw it a little over the hither edge of the heap, and lays it on the tympan, &c.
Page 140 - In like manner we say, if 4 lines make 5, then 8 make 10, and so on, comparing every four lines of copy to five lines in print. " And in this manner we carry our calculation on as far as we have occasion, either for pages, forms, or sheets. " The foregoing calculations are...
Page 5 - Mentz excepted, which fixes the introduction of it there as early as 1457 ; since, it is certain, that it appeared at Rome, and elsewhere in Europe, in 1467 ; though, by the date put in the margin, he seems willing to have had it thought, that it did not appear at Oxford before 1464.
Page 353 - ... near the upper corner, and about the length of his thumb below the hither edge of the fheet, and brings it nimbly to the Tympan ; and, at the fame time, twifts his body again before the Tympan, only a very little moving his right foot from its firft ftation forwards under the Carriage Plank ; and as the...
Page 175 - But to change and alter a title lo the mere fancy of pretenders, is the ready way to spoil it. When, therefore, we go about a title, we consider as well the quantity as quality of our matter, that we may set out accordingly, and either branch our matter out to the best advantage, or else crowd it together by way of summaries; but...
Page 358 - Point hole, with the back fides of the nails of his fingers to draw or ftroke it over the Point; and the fingers of his left hand, as they come from the further corner, nimbly...

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