Travels from Buenos Ayres, by Potosi, to Lima: With Notes by the Translator, Containing Topographical Descriptions of the Spanish Possessions in South America ...

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R. Phillips, 1806 - Argentina - 287 pages

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Page 261 - England, where they published marvellous accounts of the beauty of the country, the fertility of the soil, the mildness of the climate, and the innocence of the natives.
Page v - January 1791, and during their residence endeavoured to dispel the incredible barbarism and ignorance that prevailed in the mint and mining departments there. Helms, for his part, erected a laboratory, in which he daily read lectures, accompanied with suitable experiments, to an audience composed of officers of the mint and proprietors of the mines; and fully instructed six young men in the science of metallurgy. Supported by the governor, he succeeded in exposing the ignorance of...
Page 75 - lumps of pure gold, weighing from two to fifty pounds, were totally neglected," and that its mines alone would yield " considerably more than the quantity necessary for the supply of the whole world." The romantic aspect of the land was described in a fifth ; while a sixth, proposing to supply England with granite, lamented, in plausible and poetic strain, the "soft and perishable materials " of the buildings of "the mighty head of a mighty empire.
Page 86 - ... of their former price, and even lower. Thus the merchant gradually lost the capital which he had risked in trade, and was totally ruined. The same is said to be the case in all the other commercial cities of the Spanish colonies in South America. The consequent scarcity of money caused an almost total stoppage in the working of the mines ; and it seemed as if this source of wealth in Peru would be wholly dried up.
Page 3 - Video, or the circumjacent places : they are very badly clothed, their whole dress consisting only of a coarse shirt, and a worse upper garment. These articles of dress, together with horse-furniture, serve them for bedding, and a saddle for a pillow. They stroll about with a kind of small guitars, to the sound of which they sing ballads of their own composition, or such as they have learned from others.
Page 88 - The sub-delegates, or judges in the mining districts, are more especially the greatest villains, who enrich themselves by their unjust acts of tyranny, and continually accuse the subjects of sedition and rebellion ; while the viceroy, who resides in the capital, and is a stranger to the extensive region committed to his care, gives himself little trouble about the burthens and oppressions under which the people groan.
Page 101 - ... render them suspicious to the proprietors of the mines, fearing lest, enlightened by Helms and his associates, they should examine too narrowly into the conduct of their ignorant and roguish servants. They even excited the Indian labourers against them, by insinuating that the foreigners had come solely for the purpose of working the mines by machinery, and would thus deprive them of the means of subsistence. In this...
Page 23 - During the journey to Tucuman we found the mountains composed of primitive granite, but as we proceeded, the granite became intermixed with argillaceous slate of various colours; that however which chiefly predominates in the Cordilleras is of a bluish cast, as far at least as we had an opportunity of examining them. Strata of lime-stone, and large masses of ferruginous sand-stone, are in many places superincumbent on the argillaceous slate. We likewise found on the road coal, gypsum, and rock salt...
Page 184 - Gospel might, by their labors, have been extended into the most unknown parts of America ; and that all those countries might be subdued to his catholic majesty's obedience, without expense and without force. This remonstrance was listened to with attention ; the sphere of their...

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