Racial problems in Hungary

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A. Constable & Co., ltd., 1908 - Ethnicity - 540 pages
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Page 399 - The co-existence of several nations under the same State is a test, as well as the best security of its freedom.
Page 392 - Those in which no mixture of races has occurred are imperfect; and those in which its effects have disappeared are decrepit. A State which is incompetent to satisfy different races condemns itself; a State which labours to neutralize, to absorb, or to expel them, destroys its own vitality; a State which does not include them is destitute of the chief basis of self-government.
Page 395 - Le prétexte ordinaire de ceux qui font le malheur des autres, est qu'ils veulent leur bien.
Page 21 - ... (Regnum unius linguae uniusque moris imbecille et fragile est). Acting on this advice, his successors for many generations did not hesitate to copy Slav and German institutions, to rely upon German settlers for the growth of an urban middle class, and to leave the defence...
Page 202 - States, carrying with them feelings of bitterness and resentment toward the authorities of their native land. They speedily learn to profit by the free institutions of their adopted country, and to-day the 400,000 Slovaks of America possess a national culture and organization which present a striking contrast to the cramped development of their kinsmen in Hungary. There are more Slovak newspapers in America than in Hungary; but the Magyars seek to redress the balance by refusing to deliver these...
Page 377 - ... folk-music: The Czech folk-songs are of a lively, rhythmical, dance-like character; often they are real dances. The Slovak folk-songs contrast with the Czech tunes by a more poetic form, a freer rhythm, and a tendency to introduce church modes. Singing is the chief passion of the Slovaks. Nothing will find its way so surely to the heart of the Slovak people as a well-sung song. An old peasant woman once complained to a friend of mine that her son was a useless, disappointing fellow. "What was...
Page 234 - For forms of government let fools contest— That which is best administered is best...
Page 148 - ... unitary Hungarian nation, of which every citizen of the fatherland is a member, no matter to what nationality he belongs ; Since, moreover, the equality of right can only exist with reference to the official use of the various languages employed in the country, and can only fall under special rules so far as is rendered necessary by the unity of the country and the practical possibility of government and administration...
Page 137 - AustriaHungary as it is henceforth- officially styled. " The real motive force which underlies the Dual System is a league between the two strongest races, the Germans and the Magyars, who divided the Monarchy between them, and by the grant of autonomy to the two next strongest races, the Poles and the Croats, made them their accomplices in holding down the remaining eight.
Page 202 - The self-confidence and manly independence of the returned emigrants contrasts with the pessimism and passivity of the older generation, and they are doing much to leaven the Slovak population with new ideas of liberty and justice. The alarm with which the Government views this movement was revealed by its summary action against Francis Pollakovic, a young American citizen, in the autumn of 1907. ^ 3

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