S. Thomas, the Apostle of India: An Enquiry Into the Evidence for His Mission to this Country

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Addison, 1882 - 32 pages
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Page 9 - And the report is, that he there found his own arrival anticipated by some who there were acquainted with the gospel of Matthew, to whom Bartholomew, one of the apostles, had preached, and had left them the gospel of Matthew in the Hebrew, which was also preserved until this time.
Page 5 - Melapoor and St. Thomas's Mount, on the coast of Coromandel, where he was put to death. The fact is certainly of little consequence; but I am satisfied that we have as good authority for believing that the Apostle Thomas died in India, as that the Apostle Peter died at Rome.
Page 16 - Maafear at a certain little town having no great population ; 'tis a place where few traders go, because there is very little merchandise to be got there, and it is a place not very accessible. Both Christians and Saracens, however, greatly frequent it in pilgrimage. For the Saracens also do hold the Saint in great reverence, and say that he was one of their own Saracens and a great prophet, giving him the title of Avarian, which is as much as to say
Page 11 - He was present in all places, with Thomas in India, with Peter in Rome, with Paul iu Illyria, with Titus in Crete, with Andrew in Achaia, and with every preacher of the Gospel in all the regions they traversed.
Page 13 - In the Malabar country also, where pepper grows, there are Christians, and in Calliana as they call it, there is a bishop who comes from Persia where he was consecrated...
Page 8 - ... Malabar long before the second century AD A Roman merchant ship, that sailed regularly from Myos Hormuz on the Red Sea to Arabia, Ceylon, and Malabar, is reported to have found a Jewish colony in Malabar in the second century AD In regard to the settlement of the Jews in Malabar, Mr. Whish observes that 'the Jews themselves say that Mar Thomas, the apostle, arrived in India in the year of our Lord 52, and themselves, the Jews, in the year 69.
Page 6 - And Marinus the pope then sent ' lignum Domini ' to king Alfred ; and that same year Sighelm and Athelstan carried to Rome the alms which the king had vowed to send thither, and also to India, to St. Thomas and to St. Bartholomew...
Page 15 - THEREOF. THE Body of Messer St. Thomas the Apostle lies in this province of Maabar at a certain little town having no great population...
Page 18 - Europe in 1501, speaks like our traveller of the worship paid to the Saint, even by the heathen, and compares the church to that of St. John and St. Paul at Venice. Certain Syrian bishops sent to India in 1504, whose report is given by Assemani, heard that the church had begun to be occupied by some Christian people. But Barbosa, a few years later, found it half in ruins and in the charge of a Mahomedan Fakir, who kept a lamp burning.
Page 8 - the Christians of Malabar settled in that country during the violent persecution of the sect of Nestorius, under Theodosius the second or some time after...

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