Piloting directions for the Gulf of Finland

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Page 5 - Tower is painted white and has an elevation of about seventy-five feet above the level of the sea, and in clear weather is visible about twelve miles.
Page 12 - Easterly winds, a short sea tumbles in, occasioning vessels to pitch much : they will lie unrestrained on their cables, owing to the current, which sets outward ; and they open the wind two points on each bow. If bound to Narva, get the Ekholm Light to bear south, distant 3 or 4 miles, and proceed E. by S. ; this will carry you to the northward of the Chalk Ground, and also that of the...
Page 17 - On your larboard side you will also observe a red beacon to the southward of the Tolbeacon; this is placed on the south side of a shoal of 11 feet water. When you are in the fairway for Cronstadt, and it bears E. by S. ^ S., run on in that direction until the highest crane on Cronstadt Mole comes in one with the magazine in Cronslott, or until the fortress standing in...
Page 14 - N. till you come to a church and village on the starboard shore, where you may anchor in 7 fathoms, sticky ground, and obtain a pilot. When the wind blows strong from the westward, and you find you cannot keep to windward, run for Biorko Sound, where you may ride safely and secure from any wind, and should the gale be from the southward, you will have plenty of room to work out with safety ; very few boards will carry you clear of the white flag at the west point.
Page 2 - N. at the eastern extremity of the gulf of Finland, at the mouth of the river Neva. It...
Page 12 - S. course will take you within sight of the Sommers Light : this is the customary passage; but some ships, as before observed, go to the southward of Hoogland, especially since the establishment of the Lighthouse on Rothskar. We have already said that Hoogland is bold, steep at both ends, and the largest vessels may pass within a quarter of a mile from shore.
Page 15 - W. from it is another, in 5 fathoms water. After having passed in midchannel, between the first beacon and the small island, steer towards the second beacon, keeping it open on your starboard bow : between the beacons you will have 14, 10, and 7 fathoms; and off the second beacon you will have 12 or 15 fathoms. From this beacon steer N.
Page 6 - S miles in length, and 4 in breadth, having from 4 fathoms to 9 feet upon it ; on its northern end is a white beacon with a blue stripe, and a broom with its branches downward, in 6 fathoms, bearing NNE $ E. from Dagerort Light, distant about 9 miles, the western point of Dagerort SW by W.
Page 11 - The entrance to this river is shallow, and vessels loading here with timber are obliged to lie off the shore : formerly boats employed in conveying the goods from the ships to the shore, and vice versa, have been lost ; but the light, it is trusted, will now be a sufficient guide for them, and effectually prevent any such accidents in future. The channel of the river is pointed out by...
Page 16 - Light, you may be assured you have passed the Diamond Stone ; then alter your course to E. by S., and you will go midway between the Coasts of Carhelia and Ingria. There is now a tower erected on Dolgoiness, 50 feet high, and another, with a staff and ball, on Styrs Udden, 35 feet...

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