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Unfortunately, everyone talking about this book ripping off Assassins Creed are wrong. But the storyline in Assassins Creed does not resemble that of this book.
The only thing in this book that is
similar is the Animus, which is not called an Animus in this book.
The Animus (I might add) is not actually the authors idea entirely. It's based on a scientific theory that we could one day get a better understanding of what life was like through the eyes of our early ancestors by accessing hidden memories in embedded in our DNA strands. Of course, there's nothing to go on so it remained nothing but an interesting theory that was not widely publicised.
So, lets take this into account and take Einstein's theory of time travel. We could say that (and don't quote me on this, I don't know which film or book was first to introduce the concept) The Time Machine is liable to sue back to the future for using a similar concept as they did. Would this be a plausible law suit? I understand that this book should not be discriminated based on the fact it is the cause of the current law suit filed against Ubisoft. But I certainly understand the frustration that many people are feeling as a result.
If the storyline was exact of similar to the story you find in this book I'd understand, but the fact is. Nothing in this book apart from the machine used resembles Assassins Creed.
I mean, I didn't see Rockstar sue THQ because they used Helicopters in their game after they where used in Grand Theft Auto.
Then again, if you want to go for theoretical or fictional items and machines then we might start creating a long list for producers of Star Wars so that they can sue Star Trek and other space themed, Sci Fi movies.

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Hello people of the internet. My name is Connor. Coming from the revolutionary war to shoot my own video game was awesome.Just ask Ezio. I don't know why this dumb fuck is suing my developers. I think this book is taken from assassin's creed. I didn't read first and last 365 pages (A.K.A. all of them). If you don't drop your charges Ezio, Altair, all of our Mexican illegal immigrants friends, and i are gonna assassinate you John L. Beiswenger. Watch out.  

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here is a no $hit sherlock moment. in assassins creed, none of the same words are used the word animus is not used in the book. the guy just wantedcheap hype

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You are the biggest douche bag I've ever heard about in my life and you are going to lose the law suit because you are a poor man against a rich company

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