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X. A Manual of Prayers for the Ufe of the Scholars of Winchester College, and all other devout Chriftians, by Dr. Thomas Kenn, late Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells.

XI. The true Chriftian, or Way to a Holy Life; Containing the whole Duty of a Chriftian, collected chiefly from Bishop Taylor.

I. XII. A serious Exhortation to Repentance, and Sorrow for Sin, and a strict and mortified Life. Written about the Middle of the fourth Century, by St. Ephraim, the Syrian Deacon of Edeffa.

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XIII. Private Prayers for every Day in the Week, and for the feveral Parts of each Day, tranflated from the Greck Devotions of Bishop Andrews, with Additions, by George Stanhope, D. D. late Dean of Canterbury.

XIV. The Chriftian's Support under all Afflictions; being the Divine Meditations of John Gerhard, D. D. tranflated from the Latin Original.


XV. Sermons preached upon feveral Occafions, by Benjamin Calamy, D. D. late Vicar of St. Lawrence Jewry, and one of his Majefty's Chaplains in Ordinary. To which is added, a Sermon preached at his Funeral, by William Sherlock, D. D. Dean of St. Paul's, Mafter of the Temple, and Chaplain in Ordinary to his Majesty.

XVI.. The Sinner's Complaints to God, being devout Entertainments of the Soul with God, fitted for all States and Conditions of Chriftians, whatever their Circumftances or Neceffities be.

At the fame Place may be had Bibles, Common Prayer -Books, and all Sorts of Books of Piety and Devotion.

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