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After his ARRIVAL at


Toa few Days after his fecond Return thither from


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Printed by W. STRAHAN for JAMES HUTTON, at the Bible and Sun, without Temple-Bar. 1741.

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vide Pamph. Godw. 42.


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RIDAY, January 11. 1739-40. Went this Morning with fome Friends to view a Tract of Land, confifting of 500 Acres, which Mr. Hwhom I left School-Mafter of Savannah, was directed, I hope by Providence, to make Choice of for the Orphan-Houfe. It is fituated on the Northern Part of the Colony, about 10 Miles off Savannah, and has various Kinds of Soil in it; a Part of it very good.-Some Acres, through the Diligence of my Friend, are cleared. He has also stock'd it with Cattle and Poultry. He has begun the Fence, and built a Hut; all which will greatly forward the Work. I choose to have it fo far off the Town, because the Children will then be more free from bad Examples, and can more conveniently go upon their Lands to work. For it is my Defign to have each of the Children taught to labour, fo as to be qualified to get their own Living.- LORD, do thou teach and excite them

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them to labour alfo for that Meat which endureth to everlafting Life.

Thursday, January 24. Went this Morning and took Poffeffion of my Lot.-I hope it is caft in a fair Ground, and GOD, in answer to our Prayers, will fhew that he has given us a goodly Heritage. I called it Bethesda, that is, the Houfe of Mercy. For I hope many Acts of Mercy will be fhewn there, and that many will thereby be ftirred up to praise the LORD, as a GOD whofe Mercy endureth for ever.

Tuesday, January 29. Took in three German Orphans, the moft pitiful Objects, I think, that I ever yet faw.-No new Negroes could poffibly look more defpicable, or require more Pains to inftruct them.-They have been ufed to exceeding hard Labour, and tho' fupplied with Provifions from the Trustees, yet treated in a Manner unbecoming even Heathens.-Was all the Money I have collected, to be spent in freeing these three Children from Slavery, it would be well laid out. I have alfo in my House near twenty more, who, in all Probability, if not taken in, would be as ignorant of GOD and CHRIST, comparatively speaking, as the Indians. Bleffed be GOD, they begin to live in order. Continue this and all other Bleffings to them, for thy infinite Mercies fake, O LORD, my Strength and my Redeemer.

Tuesday, January 29. This Day I began the Cotton Manufacture, and agreed with a Woman to teach the little ones to fpin and card. I find annual Cotton grows indifferently well in Georgia: And to encourage the People, I this Day bought three hundred Pounds Weight, and have agreed to take all the Cotton, Hemp, and Flax that fhall be produced the following Year through the whole Province. I fee more and more the Excellency of the Charity in which I am engaged. I truft it will make Savannah lift up her drooping Head. Tho' there are fewer Inhabitants, yet I think they are in a better Situation than when I was here laft. They now live independent on a Public Store. Provifions, (Flcur efpecially) are much cheaper, Cattle more plenti


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