The Handbook on Optical Constants of Metals: In Tables and Figures

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World Scientific, 2012 - Science - 671 pages
This book presents data on the optical constants of metal elements (Na, Au, Mg, Hg, Sc, Al, Ti, β-Sn, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, La, Th, etc.) semimetal elements (graphite, Sb, etc.), metallic compounds (TiN, VC, TiSi2, CoSi2, etc.) and high-temperature superconducting materials (YBa2Cu3O7-δ, MgB2, etc.). A complete set of the optical constants are presented in tabular and graphical forms over the entire photon-energy range. They are: the complex dielectric constant ε(E)=ε1(E)+iε2(E), the complex refractive index n*(E)=n(E)+ik(E), the absorption coefficient α(E) and the normal-incidence reflectivity R(E). The book will aid many who are interested to know the optical constants of the metals, semimetals, metallic compounds and high-temperature superconducting materials in the course of their work.

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1 Introduction
2 Metal and Semimetal Elements
3 TransitionMetal Carbides and Nitrides
4 Metallic Silicides
5 HighTc Superconductors

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