The Parliamentary Register: Or, History of the Proceedings and Debates of the House of Commons, Volume 11

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Page 346 - Mid night, a most horrid attempt was made by a number of wretches to burn the town of New York, in which they succeeded tco well, having set it on fire in several places, with matches and combustibles, that had been prepared with great art and ingenuity.
Page 105 - The policy, as well as the benevolence of Great Britain, have thus far checked the extremes of war, when they tended to distress a people, still considered as our fellow-subjects, and to desolate a country, shortly to become again a source of mutual advantage...
Page 331 - There is great reason to expect a numerous body of the inhabitants to join the army from the province of York, the Jerseys and Connecticut, who, in this time of universal oppression, only wait for opportunities to give proofs of their loyalty and zeal.
Page 204 - By the Commissioners for executing the Office of Lord " High Admiral of Great Britain and Ireland, &c.
Page 181 - ... the Lord High Admiral, or our Commissioners for executing the office of Lord High Admiral, for the time being, to issue such directions thereupon as may appear just and expedient, which directions shall have the same force and effect as if specially provided for in this our Royal Proclamation.
Page 401 - Majesty strongly recommends it to your care to furnish both expeditions with good and sufficient bodies of those men. And I am happy in knowing that your influence among them is so great, that there can be no room to apprehend you will find it difficult to fulfil his Majesty's intention." In the " Thoughts for conducting the War from the Side of Canada," by General Burgoyne, that general desires a thousand or more savages.
Page 404 - Indians; and after having furnished him with proper artillery, stores, provision and every necessary article for his expedition, and secured to him every assistance in your power to afford and procure, you are to give him orders to proceed forthwith to and down the Mohawk River to Albany, and put himself under the command of Sir William Howe.
Page 477 - I have about 400 (but not half of them armed) who may be depended upon; the rest are trimmers, merely actuated by interest. The great bulk of the country is undoubtedly with the Congress, in principle and in zeal; and their measures are executed with a secrecy and dispatch that are not to be equalled. Wherever the King's forces point, militia, to the amount of...
Page 23 - America,, without the confent of the general congrefs, or of the particular affemblies — to concur in meafures calculated to difcharge the debts of America, and to raife the credit and value of the paper circulation — to perpetuate...
Page 342 - ... the greatest activity and spirit, had taken three pieces of cannon, and were warmly engaged with very superior numbers in the woods, when, on the Hessians advancing, the enemy gave way, and was entirely routed in that quarter. On the left...

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