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Longmans, Green and Company, 1920 - Cement - 284 pages

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Page 233 - Care shall be taken to wipe off particles of asbestos that may adhere to the crucible when withdrawn from the hole in the board. Greater neatness and shortening of the time of heating are secured by making a hole to fit the crucible in a circular disc of sheet platinum and placing this disc over a somewhat larger hole in an asbestos board.
Page 225 - Cerium Cesium Chlorine .... Chromium . . Cobalt Columbium . Copper Dysprosium . Erbium Europium . . Fluorine .... Gadolinium . Gallium .... Germanium . Gold Hafnium ... Helium Holmium ... Hydrogen ... Indium Iodine...
Page 234 - ... .This shall be made alkaline with ammonium hydroxide, boiled until there is but a faint odor of ammonia, and the precipitated iron and aluminum hydroxides, after settling, shall be washed with hot water, once by decantation and slightly on the filter. Setting aside the filtrate...
Page 240 - The consistency of standard mortar shall depend on the amount of water required to produce a paste of normal consistency from the same sample of cement. Having determined the normal consistency of the sample, the consistency of standard mortar made from the same sample shall be as indicated in Table I, the values being in percentage of the combined dry weights of the cement and standard sand. TABLE I— PERCENTAGE OF WATER FOR STANDARD MORTARS XII. DETERMINATION OF SOUNDNESS* 42.
Page 236 - The results of repeated tests should agree within 0.01. 31. The determination of specific gravity shall be made on the cement as received; if it falls below 3.10, a second determination shall be made after igniting the sample as described in Section 20.
Page 230 - A pat of neat cement shall remain firm and hard, and show no signs of distortion, cracking, checking, or disintegration in the steam test for soundness.
Page 230 - The specific gravity of cement shall be not less than 3.10 (3.07 for white portland cement). Should the test of cement as received fall below this requirement a second test may be made upon an ignited sample.
Page 234 - ... on the filter used in the first instance if this is still intact. To the combined filtrates from the hydroxides of iron and aluminum, reduced in volume if need be, 1 cc. of ammonium hydroxide shall be added, the solution brought to boiling, 25 cc. of a saturated solution of boiling ammonium oxalate added, and the boiling continued until the precipitated calcium oxalate has assumed a well-defined granular form. The precipitate after...
Page 236 - The flask, during the operation, shall be kept immersed in water, in order to avoid variations in the temperature of the liquid in the flask, which shall not exceed 0.5 C.
Page 232 - Cement may be sampled at the mill by any of the following methods that may be practicable, as ordered: (a) From the Conveyor Delivering to the Bin. — At least 8 Ib.

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