My Life in Advertising

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Harper & brothers, 1917 - Advertising - 206 pages
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I commend this timeless book as a necessary item for all to read who seek to labor in this crowded field. Mr. Hopkins offers priceless advice that cannot be found in other places. What he did with personal effort is beyond reproach. As Thomas Alva Edison said, 'genius is 5% brains and 95% sweat'. I recommend this to everybody. 

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Page 152 - Laugh, and the world laughs with you; Weep, and you weep alone; For the sad old earth must borrow its mirth, But has trouble enough of its own.
Page 73 - It is sometimes hard to measure just what advertising does. Not so in a medicine. Advertising must do all. . Because of that fact, the greatest advertising men of my day were schooled in the medicine field. All of them have graduated. But all of them realize that medical advertising placed men on their mettle. It weeded out the incompetents, and gave scope and prestige to those who survived, as few other lines 7J have done.
Page 6 - I am sure I would fail if I tried to advertise the Rolls-Royce, Tiffany & Co. or Steinway pianos. I do not know the reactions of the rich. But I do know the common people. I love to talk to laboringmen, to study housewives who must count their pennies, to gain the confidence and learn the ambitions of poor boys and girls. Give me something which they want and I will strike the responsive chord.
Page 179 - Frivolity has no place in advertising. Nor has humor. Spending money is usually serious business. This does not apply to amusement advertising, but it does to all other forms. Money represents life and work. It is highly respected. To most people, spending money in one direction means skimping in another. So money-spending usually has a serious purpose. People want full value. They want something worth more to them than the same amount spent in other ways would buy. Such subjects should not be treated...
Page 116 - We judge things largely by other's impressions, by popular favor. We go with HOW THEY LIVED: MIDDLECLASS LIFE, 1870-1917 the crowd. So the most effective thing I have ever found in advertising is the trend of the crowd.
Page 39 - We are bankrupt. We owe $125,000, more than we can pay. This announcement will bring our creditors down on our necks. But if you come and buy tomorrow we shall have the money to meet them. If not, we go to the wall. These are the prices we are quoting to meet this situation:" 43 Truth was then such a rarity in advertising that this announcement created a sensation.
Page 74 - No more than they questioned railroad rebates, or passes to employees, in my packing-house experience. We must remember, in reviewing medicine advertising, how experience and education changes ideas and principles. Every evil of the past had its logical defense. The medicine-makers included many high-minded men. They felt that they were serving humanity by offering good remedies for common conditions at very modest cost. They were aiding those who could not afford physicians. There was much reason...
Page 118 - ... undertake the advertising on three conditions. The first was that he name the new model Reo the Fifth. That to give a distinctive name and to emphasize the fact that we had a new model. The next condition was that Mr. Olds sign the ads. That to gain full effect from his great reputation. I told him I would write ads. he would be proud to sign, and he agreed. Then I stipulated that he call it "My Farewell Car.
Page 177 - Brilliant writing has no place in advertising. A unique style takes attention from the subject. Any apparent effort to sell creates corresponding resistance. . . . One should be natural and simple. His language should not be conspicuous. In fishing for buyers, as in fishing for bass, one should not reveal the hook.
Page 147 - I shall not describe the methods. They were farreaching and effective, so far as they could go. I employed hundreds of men to gather data for me, but I was wrong. The eating of oatmeal has for centuries been regarded as important. Everybody knows the value of oatmeal. Those who do not employ it have a reason hard to overcome. I ran an educational campaign on a new and appealing line. But it did not pay. We found that converting new users was a very expensive proposal. No new user would pay us in...

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