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Page 474 - ... power to do it then ; but now, Poor souls, who'll shield them in eternity? Father, the honor of our house is safe; I have the secret. I will to the wars, And do more murders, to eclipse this one, Back to the battles; there I breathe in peace; And I will take a soldier's honor back — Honor!
Page 424 - Sing, then, sing! And if you equal Homer in your song, Why, roll I must, by sheer compulsion. PEPE. Nay, You lack the temper of the fine-eared Greek. You will not roll ; but that shall not disgrace My gallant ballad, fallen on evil times.
Page 354 - May this spot stand till Guido's dearest blood Be mingled with thy own!" The soldiers say, In the close battle, when my wrath is up, The dead man's blood flames on my vengeful brow Like a red planet; and when war is o'er, It shrinks into my brain...
Page 440 - 11 make him tell it, at the dagger's point ! Paolo! — here! [here!] I do adjure you, brother, By the great love I bear you, to reveal The secret of Francesca's grief. PAOLO. I cannot.
Page 380 - d have been some tears, Some frightful fancies of her husband's looks ; And then she'd calmly walk up to her fate, And bear it bravely. Afterwards, perchance, Lanciotto might prove better than her fears, — No one denies him many an excellence, — And all go happily. But, as thou wouldst plot, She '11 be prepared to see a paragon, And find a satyr.
Page 370 - Ay. PEPE. Once on a time, Vulcan sent Mercury To fetch dame Venus from a romp in heaven. Well, they were long in coming, as he thought; And so the god of spits and gridirons Railed like himself — the devil. But — now mark — Here comes the moral. In a little while, Vulcan grew proud, because he saw plain signs That he should be a father; and so he Strutted through hell, and pushed the devils by, Like a magnifico of Venice. Ere long, His heir was born; but then — ho! ho! — the brat Had wings...
Page 419 - d grind it into dust ! <False villain, to betray his simple child ! And thou, Paolo — not a whit behind — • Helping his craft with inconsiderate love !> Lady Francesca, when my brother left, I charged him, as he loved me, to conceal Nothing from you that bore on me: and now That you have seen me, and conversed with me, If you object to anything in me, — Go, I release you, FRANCESCA DA RIMINI FRAN.
Page 403 - s no such thing as real philosophy ! [Throws down the book.] (Enter PEPE.) Here is a sage who 'll teach a courtier The laws of etiquette, a statesman rule, A soldier discipline, a poet verse, And each mechanic his distinctive trade ; Yet bring him to his motley, and how wide He shoots from reason ! We can understand All business but our own, and thrust advice In every gaping cranny of the world ; While habit shapes us to our own dull work, And reason nods above his proper task. Just so philosophy...
Page 401 - Tis from my nature! Fancies, more accursed Than haunt a murderer's bedside, throng my brain — Temptations, such as mortal never bore Since Satan whispered in the ear of Eve, Sing in my ear — and all, all are accursed! At heart I have betrayed my brother's trust, Francesca's openly. Turn where I will, As if enclosed within a mirrored hall, I see a traitor. Now to stand erect, Firm on my base of manly constancy; Or, if I stagger, let me never quit The homely path of duty, for the ways That bloom...
Page 357 - I, the great twisted monster of the wars, The brawny cripple, the herculean dwarf, The spur of panic, and the butt of scorn — I be a bridegroom! Heaven, was I not cursed More than enough, when thou didst fashion me To be a type of ugliness, — a thing By whose comparison all Rimini Holds itself beautiful?

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