Scenes and sketches of English life, Volume 3

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Page 257 - No man was ever yet a great poet without being at the same time a profound philosopher.
Page 57 - The primal duties shine aloft — like stars ; The charities that soothe, and heal, and bless, Are scattered at the feet of Man — like flowers.
Page 1 - Where my tired mind might rest, and call it home. There is a magic in that little word : It is a mystic circle that surrounds Comforts and virtues never known beyond The hallowed limit.
Page 257 - ... direct a solution of the difficulty in which experimenters on this subject had always found themselves involved, was never before, at least in as much as we have been able to discover, applied to a purpose for which, now that the secret is known, it seems so excellently and so plainly adapted. But it is one of the prerogatives of true genius, to find the highest value in things which ordinary' men are trampling under their feet.
Page 150 - Tiger hunting is very fine amusement, so long as we hunt the tiger; but it is rather awkward when the tiger takes it into his head to hunt us.

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