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Editorial Review - Kirkus - Jane Doe

Lt. Colonel Bull Meecham is the terror of the Marine flight squadron he commands in South Carolina and an even greater menace at home, where he runs his wife and four children on schedules like a drill instructor turning recruits into psychopaths. Bull has the Irish virus (bottled) and a Jekyll-Hyde personality that seems permanently frozen into Hyde. He's also plenty gung-ho Old Corps and he ... Read full review

Review: The Great Santini

Editorial Review -

Step into the powerhouse life of Bull Meecham. He's all Marine fighter pilot, king of the clouds, and absolute ruler of his family. Lillian is his wife beautiful, southernbred, with a core of velvet steel. Without her cool head, her kids would be in real trouble. Ben is the oldest, a born athlete whose best never satisfies the big man. Ben has to stand up, even fight back, against a father who ... Read full review

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