Caius Gracchus: A Tragedy

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Boni and Liveright, 1920 - 172 pages
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Page 116 - making loud acclamations all the way. Opimius knew the whole farce; but pretended to be much surprised. The Senate went out, and planting themselves about the corpse, expressed their grief and indignation, as if some dreadful misfortune had befallen
Page 80 - Upon which Nasica started up, and said : ' Since the Consul gives up his country, let all who choose to support the laws follow me."
Page 98 - He was the only man who went out with a full purse, and returned with an empty one; while
Page 8 - Greek masters. There is a gentle transition from mere melody to what I might call orchestral effect, as the action requires it, and the reader is carried along in pleasurable sympathy. After the reader's attention has become engaged by the first few pages, it
Page 172 - So, Caius Gracchus' head, encased in rags, Returns to Rome, its god become its jest! Thou evil place! I spit on thee, proud Rome— Thou nest of rogues and fools! The rogues on high, The fools, who for those rogues toil, fight and die: Whose souls are appetites, whose minds are lust, And for whose pleasures worlds are ground to dust!
Page 8 - slacken. The story itself lives. The action intensifies. The blank verse deters us not at all. It merely makes the reading more succulent. And, curiously enough, we hunt for the long speeches, instead of skipping them.
Page 9 - one of the really notable contributions to the English literature of the last three centuries.
Page 100 - blood on them, and rotten corpses peep From every fold of thy rich-laid attire! These jewels are the eyes of many dead, Who clutter battlefields; these rarest scents, That flow
Page 100 - are pregnant with the stink Of countless slaughtered, who gave all for naught, While those whose name thou bearest stayed behind, And gathered all for naught. Thou Vampire
Page 101 - And all the blood that tinges thy lips red, Thy sire hath lapped beside the whitening dead!

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