Scot. Text S., Volume 27; Volume 43

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Page 68 - ... the power of god as witnessis ' Sanct paull evidentlie anewch and agane I say ony 20 ' onlearned man and nocht exerceisit in the word of ' god nor zit constant in his faith quhatsoevir estait or ' ordour he be of I say he hath no power to bind or ' lous seing he wanteth the instrument by the quhich ' he bindeth or looseth that is to say the word of god.
Page 503 - SATIRICAL POEMS OF THE TIME OF THE REFORMATION. Part I. Edited by James Cranstoun, MA, LL.D. pp.
Page 474 - Which was thought a precedent, never one being hanged for the like before; and in the meantime, at the scattering of the people, there were ten or twelve despiteful letters and infamous libels in prose, found, as if they had been lost among the people, tending to the reproach of the Earl of Morton and his predecessors.'— May.
Page 397 - Scottishmen heavily lamented, for he was the most redoubted chieftain that had been for a long time, on the Borders either of Scotland or England. He rode ever with twenty-four able gentlemen well horsed ; yet he never molested any Scottishman. But it is said that, from the* Borders to Newcastle, every man, of whatsomever estate, paid him tribute to be free of his trouble. He came before the King with his foresaid number richly apparelled, trusting...
Page 353 - Genelogie [ie, genealogy] of the hous of Craufurd. It might have been suspected that Pitscottie inserted the genealogy of the Lindsays, his own clan, but it is to be found in Boece, xviii. 376 recto. The insertion, however, in MS. I of the descent of the Lyndsays of the Byres, Pitscottie's branch of the clan, is an incidental proof that we have in that MS. the genuine text of Pitscottie. Dalyell omits, but Freebairn inserts the Lyndsays of the Byres, which shows that at least one of the MSS. which...
Page 403 - Pryntouris, payntouris, and potingaris; And all of thair craft cunning, And all at anis lawboring, Quhilk pleisand ar and honorable ; And to 3our hienes profitable ; 20 And richt convenient for to be With 3our hie regale majestie; Deserving of 3our grace most ding Bayth thank, rewarde, and cherissing.
Page 421 - Edinburgh, which was the usual place for such meetings. Cardinal Beaton's house at the foot of Black Friars' Wynd was close to the Convent. 53. 1. This facell earle Both-well for flattering the cardinall brak his promise maid to the said Mr George [Wishart] and deliuerit him in the cardinallis handis. This was Patrick Hepburn, 3rd Earl of Bothwell, Sheriff of East Lothian, father of James Hepburn, Queen Mary's husband, described by Sadler as " the most vain and insolent man in the world full of folly.
Page 500 - Watson, James, 65 High Street, Peebles. Watson, RF, Briery Yards, Hawick. Watson, WL, Ayton House, Abernethy, Perthshire. Wemyss, RE, of Wemyss Castle, East Wemyss, Fifeshire. Western Club, Glasgow. Will, A., Grocott, Grahamstown, S. Africa. Williamson, Samuel, Melbourne. Wilson, GB, 22 Queen Street, Edinburgh. Wood, Alexander, Thornly, Saltcoats. Wood, CL, of Freeland, Forgandenny. Wright, Peter, Art Master, Science and Art School, Falkirk. Wright, W. Aldis, Trinity College, Cambridge. Yale University...
Page 359 - Harry, . . . the Earl of Northumberland, Andrew Trollop with many others, gentle and commons, to the number of twenty thousand. Item, King Harry, the Queen, the Prince, Duke of Somerset, Duke of Exeter, Lord Roos be fled into Scotland, and they be chased and followed, &c.
Page 374 - ... of Scotland. Pitscottie says in his chronicle that the king commanded two young children to be placed on the island of Inchkeith in the charge of a dumb woman in order that it might be observed what language they would speak when they grew up. And Pitscottie remarks 'sum sayis they spak goode hebrew bot as to my self I knaw not bot be the authoris reherse'.

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