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Page 301 - Two salient points strike the reader of this memoir. One is that it is uniformly fascinating, so rich in anecdote and marginalia as to hold the attention with the power of a novel. In the next place, it has been put together with consummate tact, if not with academic art. ... It is authoritative if ever a memoir was. But, we repeat, it has suffered no harm from having been composed out of family love and devotion. It is faultless in its dignity.
Page 277 - And how poetic a justice it is that he has to marry me, and is thus forced to lead the life of self-denial he has conceived for his hero. Mr. Crocker, will you be my attorney if he should offer any objections ? " The humor of this proved too much for the three of us, and Miss Trevor herself went into peals of laughter. Would that the Celebrity could have seen his own face. I doubt if even he could have described it. But I wished for his sake that the earth might have kindly opened and taken him in....
Page 300 - Crucifix. Saracinesca. A Tale of a Lonely Parish. Zoroaster. Dr. Claudius. Mr. Isaacs. Children of the King. Pietro Ghisleri. Don Orsino. A Sequel to "Saracinesca," and " Sant' Ilario." The Three Fates. The Witch of Prague. Khaled. A Cigarette-Maker's Romance. Sant' Ilario. A sequel to "Saracinesca.
Page 55 - I had all these ideas I gathered knocking about the world, and I gave them to Willis of Philadelphia to put together for me. But he's honest enough not to claim the house. Take, for instance, that minaret business on the west. I picked that up from a mosque in Algiers. The oriel just this side is whole cloth from Haddon Hall, and the gallaried porch next it from a Florentine villa.
Page 8 - York lawyers stood me in good stead, and gradually, in addition to a heterogeneous business of mines and lumber, I began to pick up a few clients. But in all probability I should be still pegging away at mines and lumber, and drawing up occasional leases and contracts, had it not been for Mr. Farquhar Fenelon Cooke, of Philadelphia. Although it has been specifically written that promotion to a young man comes neither from the East nor the West, nor yet from the South, Mr.
Page 298 - I think you are safe," said I. "But didn't Allen tell you any more?" "No. A man he used to know came into the cafe, and Allen got out of the back door. And I never saw him again." " I believe I can tell you a little more,
Page 301 - HIS SON. Two Vols. 8vo. Cloth. In Box. Price, $10.00, net. These volumes of over 500 pages each contain many letters written or received by Lord Tennyson, to which no other biographer could have had access, and in addition a large number of Poems hitherto unpublished. Several chapters are contributed by such of his friends as Dr. Jowett, the Duke of Argyll, the late Earl of Selborne, Mr. Lecky, Professor Francis T. Palgrave, Professor Tyndall, Mr. Aubrey de Vere, and others, who thus express their...
Page 299 - What impresses one most in this exquisite romance of Kentucky's green wilderness is the author's marvellous power of drawing wordpictures that stand before the mind's eye in all the vividness of actuality. Mr. Allen's descriptions of nature are genuine poetry of form and color.
Page 8 - IT was by a mere accident that I went West, some years ago, and settled in an active and thriving town near one of the Great Lakes. The air and bustle and smack of life about the place attracted me, and I rented an office and continued to read law, from force of habit, I suppose. My experience in the service of one of the most prominent of New York lawyers stood me in good stead, and gradually, in addition to a heterogeneous business of mines and lumber, I began to pick up a few clients.
Page 300 - ... are acquainted, either in the novel or the drama. " Then he has rendered an important service to social science, in addition to creating one of the strongest and most delightful novels of our century.

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