Jesu levnet, Volume 1

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Page 79 - Aegypti sed plurimarum gentium fame periturarum liberatorem. Quis in ducibus vel fortior Sampsone vel sanctior Samuele? et tarnen hi ambo steriles matres habuere. Si ergo ratio verbis meis tibi non persuadet, crede dilatos diu conceptus et steriles partus mirabiliores esse soleré.
Page 249 - the voice of the turtle " (Cant. 212), there is a Chaldee interpretation, reported by Wetstein, " the Voice of the Spirit." And by the Jewish doctors the Spirit hovering over the primeval waters (Gen. i2) was compared to a dove: " Spiritus Dei ferebatur super aquas, sicut columba, quae fertur super pullos suos nee tangit illos." • Hence we can understand why a dove alighting upon Jesus should have been regarded as symbolic of a descent of the Divine Spirit.* The words ascribed to the Baptist are...
Page 240 - Dixil autem eis: quid peccavi ut vadam et bapti/er ab eo? nisi forte hoc ipsum quod dixi, ignorantia est.

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