The Napoleonic Empire in Southern Italy and the Rise of the Secret Societies, Volume 2

Front Cover
Macmillan and Company, limited, 1904 - Naples (Kingdom)

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Page 152 - États respectifs , soit dans leurs relations politiques avec tout autre gouvernement, que les préceptes de cette religion sainte, préceptes de justice, de charité...
Page 155 - The crown of thorns is to pierce his head. The thread denotes the cord to lead him to the gibbet, the ladder will aid him to mount. The leaves are nails to pierce his hands and feet.
Page 155 - The axe will separate his head from his body, as the wolf, who disturbs our pacific labours. The salt will prevent the corruption of his head, that it may last as a monument of the eternal infamy of despots. The pole will serve to put the skull of the tyrant upon. The furnace will burn his body. The shovel will scatter his ashes to the wind. The baracca will serve to prepare new tortures for the tyrant. The fountain will purify us from the vile blood we shall have shed. The linen will wipe away our...
Page 114 - A dwarf is as much a man as a giant; a small republic is no less a sovereign state than the most powerful kingdom.
Page 152 - ... la vie privee, doivent au contraire influer directement sur les resolutions des princes, et guider toutes leurs demarches, comme etant le seul moyen de consolider les institutions humaines et de remedier a leurs imperfections.
Page 153 - MM. recommandent en conséquence avec la plus tendre sollicitude à leurs peuples, comme unique moyen de jouir de cette paix, qui naît de la bonne conscience, et qui seule est durable, de se fortifier chaque jour davantage dans les principes et l'exercice des devoirs que le divin Sauveur a enseignés aux hommes.
Page 32 - This society has existed for several years, and many who adopted the drtss and language of republicans, secretly held the following doctrine : — " That Italy ought to be under one head ; — and that she should adopt, as far as circumstances would permit, a limited constitution of monarchy, and enter into a firm alliance and commercial intercourse with England.

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