Annual Report on the Railroads of New York

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1863 - Railroads
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Page 383 - The amount of freight, specifying the quantity in tons, of the products of the forest, of animals, of vegetable food, other agricultural products, manufactures, merchandise and other articles.
Page 225 - Miles run by freight trains ; 42. The rate of fare for passengers, charged for the respective classes, per mile ; 43.
Page 201 - Average rate, per annum, of interest on funded debt,. 7 per cent. COST OF ROAD AND EQUIPMENT. For graduation and masonry...
Page 344 - Number of miles traveled by passengers, or number of passengers carried one mile...
Page 383 - Average rate of speed adopted by ordinary passenger trains, including stops (miles per hour...
Page 131 - In addition to which must be given a statement of the date of each accident, the place where it occurred, the train, the cause and the extent of the injuries inflicted upon each, person, and the name of such person. • TABLE J.
Page 308 - Average rate of speed adopted by freight trains, including stops '.. 12 Rate of speed of same, when in motion...
Page 367 - CHARACTERISTICS OF ROAD. Length of road, 8 miles. Length of road laid, 8 " Length of double track, including sidings, say, 8 " Weight of rail, per yard, on main track, 72 pounds.
Page 412 - The undersigned have caused the foregoing statements to be prepared by the proper officers and agents of this Company, from the books and records, and have examined them as far as practicable, and believe them to be correct.
Page 151 - DOINGS OF THE YEAR IN TRANSPORTATION, AND TOTAL MILES RUN. Number of miles run by passenger trains...

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