Radio Hook-ups: A Reference and Record Book of Circuits Used for Connecting Wireless Instruments ...

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Norman W. Henley Publishing Company, 1922 - Radio circuits - 67 pages
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Page 89 - O'CoNOR SLOANE. An indispensable work to all interested in electrical science. Suitable alike for the student and professional. A practical handbook of reference containing definitions of about 5,000 distinct words, terms and phrases. The definitions are terse and concise and include every term used in electrical science. Recently issued. An entirely new edition. Should be in the possession of all who desire to keep abreast with the progress of this branch of science.
Page 87 - O'CoNOR SLOANE. This work of 768 pages was previously known as Sloane's Electricians' Hand Book, and is intended for the practical electrician who has to make things go. The entire field of electricity is covered within its pages. Among some of the subjects treated are: The Theory of the Electric Current and Circuit, Electro-Chemistry, Primary Batteries, Storage Batteries, Generation and Utilization of Electric Powers, Alternating Current, Armature Winding, Dynamos and Motors, Motor Generators, Operation...
Page 90 - WIRING A HOUSE. By HERBERT PRATT. Shows a house already built; tells just how to start about wiring it; where to begin; what wire to use; how to run it according to Insurance Rules; in fact, just the information you need. Directions apply equally to a shop. Fourth edition . . 25 cents FACTORY MANAGEMENT.
Page 86 - Electric Bells. By MB SLEEPER. A complete treatise for the practical worker in Installing, Operating and Testing Bell Circuits, Burglar Alarms, Thermostats, and other apparatus used with Electric Bells. Both the electrician and the experimenter will find in this book new material which is essential in their work. Tools, bells, batteries, unusual circuits, burglar alarms...
Page 85 - DYNAMO BUILDING FOR AMATEURS, OR HOW TO CONSTRUCT A FIFTY- WATT DYNAMO. By ARTHUR J. WEED, Member of NY Electrical Society. A practical treatise showing in detail the construction of a small dynamo or motor, the entire machine work of which can be done on a small foot lathe. Dimensioned working drawings are given for each piece of machine work, and each operation is clearly described. This machine, when used as a dynamo, has an output of fifty watts; wheu used as a motor it will drive a small drill...
Page 88 - It solves all Wiring Problems and contains nothing that conflicts with the rulings of the National Board of Fire Underwriters. It gives just the information essential to the Successful Wiring of a Building. Among the subjects treated are: Locating the Meter.
Page 87 - Simplified" is to make the subject as plain as possible and to show what the modern conception of electricity is; to show how two plates of different metals immersed in acid can send a message around the globe; to explain how a bundle of copper wire rotated by a steam engine can be the agent in lighting our streets, to tell what the volt, ohm and ampere are, and what high and low tension mean; and to answer the questions that perpetually arise in the mind in this age of electricity.
Page 89 - ... repairs and applications. The greatly increasing application of storage batteries in modern engineering and mechanical work has created a demand for a book that will consider this subject completely and exclusively. This is the most thorough and authoritative treatise ever published on this subject. It is written in easily understandable, non-technical language so that anyone may grasp the basic principles of storage battery action as well as their practical industrial applications.
Page 89 - The word or term defined is printed in black-faced type which readily catches the eye, while the body of the page is in smaller but distinct type. The definitions are well worded, and so as to be understood by the non-technical reader. The general plan seems to be to give an exact, concise definition, and then amplify and explain in a more popular way.
Page 89 - RADIO HOOK-UPS. By MILTON B. SLEEPER. In this book the best circuits for different instruments and various purposes have been carefully selected and grouped together. All the best circuits for damped and undamped wave receiving sets, buzzer, spark coil and transformer sending equipment, as well as vacuum tube telegraph and telephone transmitters, wavemeters, vacuum tube measuring instruments, audibility meters, etc., are shown in this book. . 85 cents RECIPE BOOK HENLEY'S TWENTIETH CENTURY BOOK OF...

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