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When a book does not proceed in any conceivable, discernable order, you would have to substitute all rationality and common sense to be intrigued by such a ghastly example of literature. When an author has to write in multiple introductions to his/her own book, you know you have problems right off the bat. The book begins with incoherent mutterings of gibberish that isn't comprehensible in the slightest bit. This book seems like it is trying to live up to the great austere literature of it's time but fails abysmally, which results in a book that gives no great pleasure to read. I have to believe that this book would make absolute perfect sense to one who was so high the sky was falling. If you want to waste your life in the pursuit of wisdom, direct your efforts elsewhere, to a book that has the ability to impart a modicum of knowledge. The most significant events or revelations of "The Ten Thousand Things" consist of several suicides and a woman who becomes encased by coral. That is the extent of the book. 

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