Proceedings, Volumes 29-30

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American Library Association., 1907 - Library science
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Page 195 - ... with their correlatives freedom of choice and responsibility — man being all this, it is at once obvious that the principal part of his being is his mental power. In Nature there is nothing great but Man, In Man there is nothing great but Mind.
Page 292 - ... foster the growth of anything; much more of mind, which grows, not like a vegetable (by having its roots littered with etymological compost), but like a spirit, by mysterious contact of spirit; thought kindling itself at the fire of living thought? How shall he give kindling, in whose own inward man there is no live coal, but all is burnt out to a dead grammatical cinder...
Page 121 - They are recruited from classes whose literature — if we may so extend the term — has been oral rather than written, whose standards of propriety are sometimes those of an earlier and grosser age, whose ideas of right and wrong are beclouded by ignorance and distorted by prejudice. And at the same time hosts of our people, with little background of hereditary refinement to steady them, have become suddenly rich, "beyond the dreams of avarice." The shock has upset their ideas and their standards....
Page 190 - Town meetings are to liberty what primary schools are to science — they bring it within the people's reach ; they teach men how to use and enjoy it. A nation may establish a system of free government ; but without the spirit of municipal institutions, it cannot have the spirit of liberty.
Page 76 - It shall encourage and assist in the establishment of public and school libraries, and in the improvement and strengthening of those already in existence ; it shall give advice and provide assistance to libraries and library workers in library administration, methods and economy; and it shall conduct a system of traveling libraries.
Page 231 - ... constituents of the edible portion are discussed. Several varieties have been worked in duplicate, and by referring to the tables it will be seen that frequently the two analyses are very different.
Page 100 - ... so that for anything he knew his brains lay in small bags at his temples, and he had ,no more thought of representing to himself how his blood circulated than how paper served instead of gold. But the moment of vocation had come, and before he got down from his chair, the world was made new to him by a presentiment of endless processes filling the vast spaces planked out of his sight by that wordy ignorance which he had supposed to be knowledge.
Page 13 - I have called attention to the efforts which were being made by the National Association of State Libraries and the American Association of Law Libraries...
Page 4 - Howdy — Come In." (Applause) Judge PRITCHARD then addressed the Association, welcoming it on behalf of the city of Asheville. JUDGE PRITCHARD'S ADDRESS Mr President, representatives of the American Library Association, ladies and gentlemen, we esteem it a great honor to have the American Library Association hold its annual session in our city. The Association has accomplished as much as, if not more than, any other agency for the cause of popular education. This is an age of organization and cooperation...
Page 100 - A liberal education had of course left him free to read the indecent passages in the school classics, but beyond a general sense of secrecy and obscenity in connection with his internal structure, had left his imagination quite...

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