The Somnambulist and the Detective: The Murderer and the Fortune Teller

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G.W. Dillingham Company, 1900 - 340 pages

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Page 88 - Guilt, though it may attain temporal splendor, can never confer real happiness; the evil consequences of our crimes long survive their commission, and, like the ghosts of the murdered, forever haunt the steps of the malefactor ; while the paths of virtue, though seldom...
Page 25 - After it was over — it didn't take long; they found the prisoner on the following day, hanging from the bell-rope in a negro schoolhouse about two miles from the sawmill, and the coroner had pronounced his verdict of death at the hands of a person or persons unknown...
Page 105 - He took a letter from his pocket and handed it to me. " So you won't believe me serious. Possibly you will believe that — a perfectly serious fifty-pound note. Read — ' In grateful acknowledgment of services rendered,
Page 193 - The pressure in this case, as in the last, was also observed to be slightly different when the sphere was used from that when the lead disk was used. But by the same method as that used in the case of the temperature the correction was found to be negligible. As the time for the lead disk was 41.755, no correction for time was necessary. Table III is a summary of the data obtained from this experiment. TABLE III. From the data given in this table W6.e = 0.0001790, and ^ = 0.0001716.
Page 27 - I am going to ask you a number of questions and I want you to speak up nice and loud so his Honor can hear you and also the stenographer.
Page 191 - A number of small globes stood upon a low shelf in one corner, and on a table in the centre of the room was a large globe standing on a chart.
Page 239 - They were successful to the extent of saving him from execution, but he was sentenced to a term of ten years in the penitentiary.
Page 226 - He will continue to do in the future what he has done in the past as he never changes.
Page 220 - ... redeem his promise.* The man, of course, is under the pressure of such men as Rodyk & Gen'l Fielding; but he does what he likes after all and finally will come to his obligations nevertheless. I can, as matters stand, not advise you to have any more patience or to depend any further on my mediation. You know that I have done all I could for you and that I will act further for you; but not knowing whether it lays within your intention to let them delay you any longer, I must leave it to you to...
Page 19 - Gordon's feelings overcame him, and it was some time before he could go on. Finally he was able to 'resume his st9ry, though he was frequently obliged to pause to wipe away his tears.

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