A Manual of Free Gymnastic and Dumb-bell Exercises: For the School-room and the Parlor

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Sargent, Wilson & Hinkle, 1864 - Calisthenics - 60 pages
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Page 53 - At the word about, the recruit will turn on the left heel, bring the left toe to the front, carry the right foot to the rear, the hollow opposite to, and full three inches from, the left heel, the feet square to each other. 92. (Second time.) At the word face...
Page 49 - Strike hands together five times over head. 20. Fingers twirling rapidly over head. 21. Hands brought to desk softly, tapping with tips of fingers in imitation of rain. REMARK. — The force of the. storm may be graduated by signals from the teacher. The pupils may at the same time whistle in imitation of wind. Two or three of the pupils may be designated to strike heavily on their desks with the fists, at intervals, imitating thunder 22.
Page 6 - RESOLVED, That gymnastic training should IKS introduced into all the schools of the State, and made as indispensable in the daily routine of duties as the other exercises of the school-room. " RESOLVED, That Free Gymnastic exercises, calculated to secure a symmetrical development of the body, may be made successful without any loss of time or progress on the part of the pupils in their attainments, and that teachers, by the use of a cheap Manual, will find no difficulty iu awakening interest in this...
Page 6 - Free Gymnastics are of great value in forming the habits of the body in the young. The experiment of Free Gymnastics has proved a decided success in the schools of Cincinnati." — LYMAN HAKDISO, Supt. of Cincinnati Public Schools. "As to the practicability of making physical exercises a part of our system of public instruction, I entertain no doubt.
Page 26 - Pure air and free exercise are indispensable, and wherever either of these is withheld, the consequences will be certain to extend themselves over the whole future life. The seeds of protracted and hopeless suffering have, in innumerable instances, been sown in the constitution of the child simply through ignorance of thin great fundamental physical law; and the time has come when the united voices of these innocent victims should ascend, 'trumpettongued...
Page 48 - ... 2. Arms folded. 3. Hands clasped and resting on edge of desk. 4. Right hand thrown horizontally in front. 5. Left hand same as right in No. 4. 6. Strike hands together in front five times.
Page 52 - At the command face, raise the right foot, turn on the left heel to the right (or left), raising the left toe a little, and then place the right heel beside the left, and on the same line.
Page 49 - Strike hands together five times in front. 12. Hands on top of head. 13. Strike hands together five times over head. 14. Hands twirling over head. 15. Hands brought suddenly to desk with noise. 16. Arms folded. 17. Fingers resting on top of shoulders. 18. Hands on top of head.
Page 7 - To THOSE who have seen the wan cheeks, stooping shoulders, and sunken chests of the school-children of to-day, no argument, proving the necessity of physical culture, need be made.
Page 52 - Right (or left)— FACE. At the command face, raise the right foot...

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