A Lecture to Young Men on Chastity: Intended Also for the Serious Consideration of Parents and Guardians

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G.W. Light, 1838 - Sexual ethics - 246 pages

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Page 183 - Chastity is that duty which was mystically intended by God in the law of circumcision. It is the circumcision of the heart, the cutting off all superfluity of naughtiness, and a suppression of all irregular desires in the matter of a sensual or carnal pleasure. I call all desires irregular and sinful that are not
Page 185 - of meat and drink ; yet married persons are to estimate the degree of their license according to the following proportions :—1. That it be moderate, so as to consist with health ; 2. That it be so ordered as not to be too expensive of time
Page 34 - into bitterness ; and, in a literal sense, turning the grace of God into wantonness. They study cases of conscience in the matter of carnal sins, not to avoid, but to learn ways how to offend God and pollute
Page 184 - By the holy institution, or by being within the protection of marriage ; 2. By being within the order of nature ; 3. By being within the moderation of Christian modesty. Against the first are fornication, adultery, and all voluntary pollutions of either sex. Against the second are all unnatural lusts and incestuous mixtures. Against the third is all immoderate use of permitted beds.
Page 168 - a present, a large basket of yams, over such roads, and down such precipices, as were scarcely passable by any creatures except goats, and over which we could scarcely scramble with the help of our hands ; yet with this load on her shoulders, she skipped from rock to rock like a young roe.
Page 92 - However it may be accounted for," says Dr. Paley, " the criminal commerce of the sexes corrupts and depraves the mind and the moral character more than any
Page 184 - Chastity is that grace which forbids and restrains all these, keeping the body and soul pure in that state in which it is placed by God, whether of the single or of the married life.
Page 89 - husband and wife, where there is a proper degree of chastity, all these causes either entirely lose, or are exceedingly diminished in their effect. They become accustomed to each other's body, and their parts no longer excite an impure imagination, and their sexual intercourse is the result of the more natural and instinctive
Page 186 - always remembering that marriage is a provision for the supply of the natural necessities of the body, not for the artificial and procured appetites of the mind.
Page 186 - It is a sad truth that many married persons, thinking that the flood-gates of liberty are set wide open, without measure or restraint, (so they

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