The Ecclesiastical History of Eusebius: The First Book and Selections

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Page 2 - AS it is my purpose to record the successions of the holy apostles, together with the times since our Saviour, down to the present, to recount how many and important transactions are said to have occurred in ecclesiastical history, what individuals in the most noted places eminently governed and presided over the church...
Page 199 - ... detulit ad senatum cum praerogativa suffragii sui. Senatus, quia non ipse probaverat, respuit ; Caesar in sententia mansit, comminatus periculum accusatoribus Christianorum.
Page 201 - AFTER the martyrdom of Paul and Peter, Linus was the first that received the episcopate at Rome.
Page 152 - But about the end of AD 307, all other thoughts and interests were absorbed in solicitude for Pamphilus, who, after cruel tortures, was cast into prison, where Eusebius, regardless of danger, ' became his constant companion ; and during the two years that this imprisonment lasted, the two friends composed together a "Defence of Origen...
Page 155 - Christianity to thoughtful and candid enquirers ', which led Eusebius to plan and execute an elaborate work consisting of two long treatises, the ' Preparation for the Gospel ' in fifteen books, and the 'Demonstration of the Gospel
Page 201 - Peter appears to have preached through Pontus, Galatia, Bithynia, Cappadocia and Asia, to the Jews that were scattered abroad ; who also, finally coming to Rome, was crucified with his head downward, having requested of himself to suffer in this way. Why should we speak of Paul, spreading the gospel of Christ from Jerusalem to Illyricum, and finally suffering martyrdom at Rome, under Nero?
Page 197 - Israč'litarum consuetudinem, *quam a sacerdote reductam didicerunt', tenent, ex parte gentilem, quam in nativitatis suae 'terra habuerunt. Nam in observationibus suis a ludaeis omnino separantur; quorum superstitio procul dubio omnibus nota est. c»p. ix. 4Ierodiani. Temporibus salvatoris haec haeresis exsurrexit. Hi Herodem magnificant, dicentes ipsum esse Christum, cpx ^lemerobaptistae, qui quotidie et corpora sua et domum et supellectilem lavant".

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