An universal history: from the earliest accounts to the present time, Volume 34

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Printed for C. Bathurst, 1762 - Virginia
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Page 476 - Knights of the Hofpital of St. Mary the Virgin. By the conditions of this bull they vowed perpetual continence, obedience, and poverty ; obligations that were forgot as foon as the temptation offered.
Page 96 - Poland. Conrade, however, was defeated in two pitched battles, and forced to live in a private fituation ; though he never ceafed to h.mft his nephew, and make frefh attempts to recover the crown.
Page 10 - Lithuanians, it was agreed, that every third diet fhould be held at Grodno. The general rule is to meet once at leaft in three years, though there have been many exceptions. When it is propofed to hold a general diet, the king, or, in cafe of an...
Page 18 - ... and equity. The members are nominated by the king, and they take an oath to the republic before they are permitted to enter upon their functions. Their honours continue for life : at the general diet they fit on the light and left of the fovereign, according to their dignity, without regard to feniority.
Page 11 - They feldom examine the fubje£t of debate ; but remit it wholly to the judgment of their reprefentative. Every palatinate has three reprefentatives : the bufinefs devolves on one, who is elected for his ability and experience ; and...
Page 135 - Babina, merely for the purposes of mirth and jollity. In time their number increased, and they formed themselves into a regular government, under the presidency of a king, senate, and chief magistrates. The magistrates were elected from something which appeared ridiculous in the character or conduct of any of the members. For instance, if any person was meddling or officious, he was immediately created an archbishop ; a blundering or disputatious member was promoted to the speaker's chair ; a boaster...
Page 116 - Hungary, might fall upon the neighbouring kingdoms, and the regency thought that policy required they ihould exert their utmoft endeavours to guard againft the calamity. Before all things were prepared for the young king to take the field, a ftrong body of auxiliaries was detached to ferve under the famous John Hunniades, vaivode of Tranfylvania, and likewife to fupport the election of Uladijlaus, who was invited to accept the crown of Hungary by the {rates, in oppofition to the party of the emprefs...
Page 156 - Borijlbenest which they formed into a magazine, and the refidence of their chieftains. He gave them officers of all degrees, eftablifhed difcipline among them, altered their arms, and formed them into a regular militia, which afterwards performed eminent fervices to Poland. All kinds of trades and manufactures, then known in Poland, were creeled among the Coffacks.
Page 111 - ... at the fovereignty of Lithuania, independent of Uladijlaus and the crown of Poland, depending upon the general difcontent which his brother's cruelty had ftirred up. As foon however as an opportunity offered he came to an accommodation with the king, and had the government of Lithuania in reward of his moderation, by which Uladijlaus difobliged his brothers Skirgello and Swidrigdlo.
Page 136 - Those who declined the office for which they were declared qualified were persecuted with hissings, and abandoned by the society. Thus every vice and every foible was attacked with ridicule ; and Babina became in a short time the terror, the admiration, and the reformer of the Polish nation : genius flourished, wit was cultivated, and the abuses which had crept into government and society were corrected by the judicious application of good-humoured satire.

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