Narrative of an expedition to the sources of St. Peter's River, Lake Winnepeek, Lake of the Woods, etc: performed in the year 1823, by order of the Hon. J.C. Calhoun, Secretary of War under the command of Stephen H. Long, Major U.S.T.E.

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H.C. Carey & I. Lea, 1824 - America - 459 pages
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Page iv - Wilkins, of the said district, have deposited in this office the title of a book- the right whereof they claim as proprietors in the words following, to wi — pMvras A-ˇyet* fapttafiiottt lJtiXO¤f Lb÷AEy^hV^j, ХЯ? ' In conformity to the act of the Congress of the United States...
Page 259 - After this fraternal embrace, of which the motive was much more agreeable than the manner, captain Lewis lighted a pipe and offered it to the Indians who had now seated themselves in a circle around the party. But before they would receive this mark of friendship they...
Page 238 - This town is the great mart, where all the adjacent tribes, and even those who inhabit the most remote branches of the Mississippi, annually assemble about the latter end of May, bringing with them their furs to dispose of to the traders.
Page 259 - The chief, who with two men was riding in front of the main body, spoke to the women, who now explained that the party was composed of white men, and showed exultingly the presents they had received. The three men immediately leaped from their horses, came up to Captain Lewis, and embraced him with great cordiality, putting their left arm over his right shoulder, and clasping his back, applying at the same time their left cheek to his, and frequently vociferating "ah hi e! ah hi e!" "I am much pleased,...
Page 418 - Indians, further to the westward, from whom it is said to have been copied. It is an association of the most active and brave young men, who are bound to each other by attachment, secured by a vow, never to retreat before any danger, or give way to their enemies.
Page 281 - Being a favorite with her brothers, they expressed a wish that her consent to this union should be obtained by persuasive means, rather than that she should be compelled to it against her inclination. With a view to remove some of her objections, they took means to provide for her future maintenance, and presented to the warrior all that in their simple mode of living an Indian might covet. About that time a party was formed to ascend from the village to Lake Pepin, in order to lay in a store of...
Page iv - Narrative of an Expedition to the Source of St. Peter's River, Lake Winnepeek, Lake of the Woods, &c. &c. performed in the year 1823, by order of the Hon. JC Calhoun, Secretary of War, under the command of Stephen H.
Page 164 - The village presents no cheering prospect, as, notwithstanding its antiquity, it consists of but few huts, inhabited by a miserable race of men, scarcely equal to the Indians, from whom they are descended. Their log or bark-houses are low, filthy, and disgusting, displaying not the least trace of comfort.
Page 164 - Wayne, shall have acquired a population proportionate to the produce which they can yield, that Chicago may become one of the points in . the direct line of communication between the northern lakes and the Mississippi; but even the intercourse which will be carried on through this communication, will we think at all...
Page 377 - Pembina; thence south westwardly to the E. bank of the Missouri near the Mandan villages; thence down the Missouri to a point probably not far from Soldiers r. ; thence E. of N. to Prairie du Chien, Wis. This tract includes the territory between lat. 42░ to 49░, and long. 90░ 30' to 99░ 30', but omits entirely the vast region occupied by the various bands of the Tetˇn Sioux w.