A new method of learning to read, write, and speak a language in six months, adapted to the German

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Page ii - traduire ou de le faire traduire en toutes les langues. Ils poursuivront, en vertu des lois, décrets et traités internationaux, toutes contrefaçons ou toutes traductions faites au mépris de leurs droits. Le dépôt légal de ce volume a été fait à Paris, au Ministère de l'Intérieur, à Leipzig à la Direction royale du Cercle,
Page 394 - bod) bag).—Very willingly. Being on the open sea, a great storm arose. The lightning struck the ship and set it on fire. The crew jumped into the sea to save themselves by swimming. My brother knew not what to do, having never learnt to swim. He reflected in vain; he found no means to save
Page 282 - for it is too dusty. —Shall we take a walk to-day ?—We will not take a walk, for it is too muddy out of doors.—Do you see the castle of my relation behind yonder mountain ?—I do see it.—Shall we go in ?— We will go in, if you like.—Will you go into that room
Page 231 - your brother like to play ?—He likes to study better than to play.— Do you like meat better than bread ?—I like the latter better than the former.—Do you like to drink better than to eat?— I like to eat better than to drink ; but my uncle likes to drink better than to eat.—Does your
Page 342 - a beautiful inkstand you have there ! pray lend it me.—What do you wish to do with it ?—I wish to show it to my sister.—Take it, but take care of it, and do not break it.— Do not fear.—What do you want of (Don) my brother ?—I want to borrow some money of him.—Borrow some of
Page 210 - ?—I do no one any harm.—Why have you hurt these children ?—I have not hurt them.—Have I hurt you ?—You have not hurt me, but your children (have).—What have they done to you?—They dragged me into your garden in order to beat me.— Have they beaten you ?—They have not beaten me, for I
Page 273 - gets up at sun-rise.— Dost thou go to school to-day ?—I do go thither.—What dost thou learn at school ?—I learn to read, write, and speak there.— Where is your aunt ?—She is gone to the play with my little sister.—Do your sisters go this evening to the opera ?—No, Madam, they go to the dancing
Page 148 - blue.—What hat has the nobleman ?—He has two hats, a white one and a black one. —Have Ia hat?—You have several.—Has your dyer already dyed your cravat ?—He has dyed it.—What colour has he dyed it ?—He has dyed it yellow.—Do you travel sometimes ?—I travel often.—Where do you intend to go to
Page 165 - you try to speak ?—I will try.—Has your little brother ever tried to do exercises ?—He has tried.—Have you ever tried to make a hat ?—I have never tried to make one.—Have we tasted that beer ?—We have not tasted it yet.—Which wine do you wish to taste ?—I wish to taste that which you have
Page 362 - has that woman entrusted you with ?—She has entrusted me with a secret of a (oon einem) great count who is in a great embarrassment about the marriage of one of his daughters.—Does any one ask her in marriage ?—The man who demands her in marriage is a nobleman of the neighbourhood (au6

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