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The author thinks there are UFO sightings that can't be explained and we should seriously research the possibilities of extraterrestrial origins. Read full review

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This book will go down in history as the one that broke the back of the truth embargo surrounding the UFO issue. The Pentagon and the White House do not want this book in their library because it tells the truth - something the US government has not done in over 60 years concerning the authenticity of the UFO phenomenon. As well, government refuses to allow ANY rational discourse about the matter. While the President’s handlers disallow any questions to the President about UFOs, the lingering and strong possibility that these intelligently operated craft originate from off-planet permeates everyone’s psyche. Ms. Kean does not necessarily commit to the off-world hypothesis - although she alludes to it several times. Irrespective of this - her assessment of the government cover-up is impeccable and more accurate than we may wish to believe. If you are a journalist wishing to win the Pulitzer Prize in journalism - read the book - call Leslie and break the story... you'll both share a journalistic wind-fall in addition to changing the mind-set and the history of an entire planet. Victor Viggiani – Toronto - Canada 

Review: UFOs

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A well-researched introduction to some of the most famous UFO cases. Read full review

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I have read a lot of UFO literature. This is one of the best books on the subject that I have read. Highly recommended. Read full review

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