Longsword, earl of Salisbury, Volume 1

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Page 25 - It's windows crowded with the foliage of their ornaments, and dimmed by the hand of the painter; it's numerous spires towering above the roof, and the Christian ensign on it's front, declared it a residence of devotion and charity.124 The swooning knight is led through the "winding isles...
Page 174 - TTAppier days have I beheld; and '*-•*• better fortune have I experienced; ' I had a hufband, lady, brave and honeft: ' a fon too, trained to arms, and exercifed ' in deeds of war. • But heaven was ' pleafed to take them from me.
Page 185 - Wil* liam de Albinet the commanding Baron. * Thro' the courfe of thefe unhappy * contefts, Edmund encreafed in honour; ' and ftill more and more approved his * active valour. It is too well known ' with what fhameful difregard to the ' protection of their adherents, the Barons * fuffered a number of the moft faithful * to their caufe to be fhut up within the * caftle of Rochefter, and to be forely * preft by the royal army, while they * themfelves rioted in London. In a fatal « hour, Edmund was...
Page 178 - ... moned a faithful deliverer to her fide. « Edmund, mad with rage and jealoufy, * fatally fmote the ravifher; and carelefsly * leaving him weltering in blood, con' veyed away his Edyth, who had fainted ' with terror and furprize, and fafely de« pofited his heart's dear treafure in her
Page 180 - My fon * kneeled before him, modeft but not ab' ject; and with an ingenuous plainnefs ' and freedom, related the unhappy caufe * that had provoked him to this outrage : * his love to the betrothed maid ; the arts * and treachery to which fhe had been ex* pofed ; the horrid attempt of violation; e and his own fatal encounter with the ? King's officer. In a word, he acknow...
Page 182 - totally bereft of our darling objeft; ' fome intervals he found for brief, yet fre* quent vifitings; to delight us with the * accounts of his advancing fortune. So * compleatly was he now poflefled with the * thoughts of war and honour ;' fo elevated * and tranfported by the view of courtly « fplendor, and the gay promifes of youth* ful ambition, that love...
Page 183 - My hufband, altho' he had already ' fuffered in their caufe, yet ftill adhered * with an obftinate integrity to that fide ' which he deemed the great bulwark of * his country. He earneftly preft young * Edmund to abandon the fervice of a ' prince whole favour was precarious ; fud* denly and capricioufly beftowed ; and * as fuddeniy and capricioufly withdrawn.

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