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Can’t Put a Price on Love ;)
Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen is about two young sisters named Elinor and Marriane who get caught in a love triangle that both did not expect. Their father Henry
Dashwood passed away, leaving his inheritance in the hands of his son, John Dashwood. John Dashwood wouldn’t mind sharing his money with his three sisters and his mother, but his greedy wife enticed him to do otherwise. His decision left his mother and three sisters with very little money, forcing them to leave their home for a cottage that was worth much less than their previous home. Elinor had her reasons for not wanting to move because she fell in love with Edward Ferrars. Marianne, Elinor’s younger sister, starts out loving Willoughby, but later realizes that Colonel Brandon was more sincere and kind. This novel revolves around the struggle against society’s expectations. Both characters face similar struggles in being happy because they feel as if their social standing makes them unworthy to create a life with a noble. They feel like no one of a higher standing can love them because it is unheard of.
Jane Austen was a lively woman who based all of her novels, including Sense and Sensibility, on her life. Her father died and she was also forced to move, she loved to take strolls, and her characters love to be out in nature, acting indifferent to materialistic things. But what separates her from her fictional characters is her love life. It is rumored that she had a fling with a man named Tom Lefroy, but their relationship didn’t last. Jane Austen revised her novels throughout her life, so it can be said that she created these characters as a way to live vicariously through them. Her books are known for being romantic; and her stories almost always have a happy ending. She fulfills the fantasy of all girls who want a happy ending with the unexpected and the unconventional. Jane Austin is a strong woman and she creates these characters to have a strong head on their shoulders, to look beyond the exterior and focus on what really matters.
Jane Austen wants to show that love goes beyond a person’s social rank and society’s expectations because you can’t control who you fall in love with. She shows this through Elinor’s doubt of Edward’s love. Jane Austen proves that her character Elinor is pessimistic about any sort of relationship with Edward because, “there would be many difficulties in his way, if we were to wish to marry a woman who had not either a great fortune or high rank” (Austen 13). Marianne also faces the struggle of feeling insecure due to her rank. After falling deeply in love with Willoughby, who made her feel like they were soul-mates; she realizes that even if he did love her, he loved money more. Marianne realizes that their relationship is over when she sees Willoughby with another woman of a higher rank than he is. Elinor was suspicious of Willoughby all along and after hurting Marianne, she concludes that “The world had made him extravagant and vain”, meaning that societies expectations and materialistic mentality, made him into a greedy, and “selfish” man (Austen 227). Willoughby had a long history, even had a wife, whom he had no serious feelings for, proving that he is not a good man for Marianne. Even if Willoughby, did in fact love Marianne, he will never be happy because he chose wealth over happiness, which aren’t one in the same.
Sense and Sensibility is very similar to the book Pride and Prejudice, also written by Jane Austen because both books reflect her character and passion for nature. Both female leads have a good head on their shoulders and both include sisters that are very close with an unbreakable bond. Both novels involve hardship, but the end is well worth it, because they live happily ever after with their destined loved one. They also include women who are strong, yet moral because they don’t run after men for their money like other women around them do. They are respectable and respectful towards others which make them role models for

Review: Sense and Sensibility

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Review: Sense and Sensibility

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Review: Sense and Sensibility

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Review: Sense and Sensibility

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amazing one elinore *_* , simple story ... Elinor had had an excellent heart , and her feelings were strong; but she knew how to control them: it was a knowledge which her mother had yet to learn; and which one of her sisters had resolved never to be taught. #Sense_and_Sensibility Read full review

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